Createfulness to the MAX.

Refuel. Create. Go further.
Your unique creative voice has the chance to win big in the 2nd European Creative Jam.

Createfulness to the MAX.

Refuel. Create. Go further.
Your unique creative voice has the chance to win big in the 2nd European Creative Jam.

Createfulness to the MAX.

Refuel. Create. Go further.
Your unique creative voice has the chance to win big in the 2nd European Creative Jam.

Keep creative and go further.

Ready for the next step in your Createfulness journey? Now that you have fully embraced #Createfulness, we bring you the opportunity to turn it up to the MAX! Join the 2nd European Creative Jam online on October 4th to 7th and try a bigger, bolder creative challenge. You’ll have the chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip to Adobe MAX 2019 in L.A., the world's biggest design conference.
Rediscover fresh inspiration and perspectives from design’s past and today’s leading creatives.
Get inspired from the top tips in our summer videos and see how top creatives designed amazing projects with exclusive vintage assets.
Go further
Go further
Learn, create, go bigger by joining the 2nd European Creative Jam in October.
Creative Jam

Turn up your creativity to the MAX.

Your creative skills could take you and a friend to L.A. this November for Adobe MAX, the world's biggest design conference that gathers the world's most creative minds and the latest innovation announcements.

What do you need to do? Join the 2nd European Creative Jam, a 72-hour online challenge on Instagram, starting on October 4th, 2019. We will reveal the creative brief and provide you with exclusive access to a free, downloadable kit of vintage design elements, curated especially for the Creative Jam by Erik Spiekermann and the Tipoteca Museum, along with inspirational tips to spark your imagination.

Register now to receive the details and be notified as soon as the challenge goes live, and make sure to follow us on Instagram with the hashtag #OnlineCreativeJam.




Can’t wait for October 4th?

Get inspired with top creatives using vintage elements now.

  • Design in a new Direction
  • Resize, distort and apply new techniques to create something new.

    Ready to play hard for the Creative Jam? Grab some inspiration before the challenge by watching how Vasava Studio used vintage elements in a surprising way to design a modern poster.


    See the Project ›

  • Give a new perspective to vintage elements.

    One way to take your creativity further this October is with motion graphics. Check out this video with Akatre Studio and see how they added their own perspective and style to these exclusive vintage assets.
  • Move to your own creative flow
  • Take your experience further
  • Take your experience further, use your passions to develop a personal project.

    With the Creative Jam, you’ll be able to go beyond your usual creative boundaries and explore new skills. See how Oliur Rahman pushes his creative boundaries with a new experience in XD.


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Createfulness Podcasts

Keep creative on the go. Octavia Bromwell shares her creative journey! Can art cure anxiety? And other creative bites.

Find the plan that’s right for you.

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