Compare versions of Adobe® Contribute® 6.5 software and check your upgrade eligibility.
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See if you are eligible to upgrade to the latest version of Contribute. In order to successfully install and use an upgrade, you must own one of the qualifying previous versions shown in the following chart and you may be required to enter a serial number.
You own
Upgrade to Contribute 6.5
Adobe Contribute CS4 or CS5 or CS5.1
Master Collection CS4/5/5.5
Notes on upgrading:Upgrade pricing is available only for products and versions listed above. Not sure which product you own? View your product registration page, or register a product installed on your desktop, through your Adobe account.
Volume licensing upgrades: For volume licensing upgrades, contact Adobe or an authorized Adobe Licensing Center. For more information, see the Creative Suite 6 FAQ.
Upgrade product installation: When you install your upgrade, the installer will attempt to detect a previous version of the product on the same computer. You may still need to enter the serial number for the previous product. If a previous product is not detected, you will be prompted to manually enter the previous product serial number during the upgrade.
You can find your Adobe product serial number in three ways:
Auto-detection during installation if the previous version of the product is already installed on your system.
DVD case of original product. Learn more ›
Product Registrations page in your Adobe account if you have registered your products online.

Version comparison

See what you’ve been missing

See how Contribute 6.5 compares to previous versions.

Contribute CS4

Contribute CS5

Contribute 6.5

Update sites efficiently
HTML5 page editing support    

HTML5 audio and video insertion    

HTML5 DocType conversion    

FTPS Support    

Predefined content types  

Advanced search and replace  

Content type metadata smart list  



Quick blog publishing


Defined workflows


Content expiry notification


Support for MetaWeblog and Atom-based dynamic sites


IPv6 support


Ability to insert raw HTML snippets


In-browser preview for blogs


Simplified blog connection


Increase contributor productivity
Favicon insertion    

Improved Anchor Edition    

Spry Dataset editing    

Searchability and Sortability in My connection dialog, Welcome page and Draft console    

Widget browser integration    

XML content editing  

Cross-browser preview  

Spry widget content editing  

Image hotspot defining  

Adobe Dreamweaver® compatibility with embedded SWF and FLV files  

Editing of Server Side Includes  

Full featured in-browser editor


PDF embedding


Microsoft Office document conversion to PDF


Publishing of Office applications using Dreamweaver templates


Accelerate publishing cycles
Manage locked files    

Dreamweaver CS6 compatibility in CSS page rendering    

Improved Connection Editing    

Subversion® support  

Office documents to PDF converter 9.0  

Inline spelling checker


Dreamweaver CS4 compatibility in CSS page rendering


In-context annotated reviews


Improved launch performance


Scheduled blog posting