There’s an issue with your software.
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Our latest diagnostic test has determined that your software is not genuine. We know this might come as a surprise.

How did this happen?

Even well intentioned buyers can end up unknowingly purchasing non-genuine or counterfeit software. It’s often difficult to recognize. Regardless of how you obtained it this issue needs to be resolved.

Isn't non genuine as good as genuine software?

Only genuine Adobe software gives guaranteed access to the latest features and functionality. By buying genuine Adobe software, users are assured of:
Peace of Mind
Using genuine Adobe software enables you to work without interruption, protecting your customers, your work, and your professional reputation.
Genuine Adobe software protects you from the risks associated with counterfeit software such as viruses and spyware.
Buying genuine Adobe software directly from Adobe or an authorized reseller means that you get what you pay for, with access to the latest features and benefits, future product upgrades and technical support.

Resolve this issue today, and help others avoid it.

If you don’t take action, you may lose access to key software functionality.
We also encourage you to help others avoid this issue by reporting the reseller of this non-genuine software.

Replace your non-genuine software today

We understand you may be a victim of fraud, however Adobe requires you use Adobe genuine software. We recommend you take advantage of the exclusive offers below.  
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Below are the results of the software diagnostics test we recently conducted. It appears that one or more of your Adobe software products is not genuine.
Product Serial Number Licensing Status Tampered Software