The sooner you resolve the software issue, the sooner you can get back to your school work.

Finding out that your software is non-genuine is a drag, especially when you had nothing to do with it. But you can play a role in fixing the problem.

How did this happen?

Usually, people and organizations with non-genuine software thought they were buying the real thing. Instead, they’re often duped by unauthorized sellers who modify the software with viruses and spyware, then sell it at lower prices. What seems like a good deal is actually illegal and problematic to users in many ways. Some of the issues users may encounter are listed to the right:
  • Malfunctioning software
         Applications may freeze up or fail altogether.
  • Viruses and malware
        Your data could be compromised or destroyed.
  • Potential loss of functionality
        Adobe reserves the right to shut off features of the software.
  • File corruption
        You could lose all of your work and progress.
  • Security breach
        Your data—as well as your school’s—could be vulnerable.

So who’s going to fix this?

If you have administrator privileges, you can take care of this. Otherwise, you may need to contact your school’s IT administrator. Resolving the issue is two-step simple:

  Uninstall all non-genuine software from all affected computers. You can find a list of all products that failed our test.


Permanently remove the non-genuine software.

Need more help? The Adobe Support Team is eager to assist.

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Adobe Software Validation Test Results

Below are the results of the software diagnostics test we recently conducted. It appears that one or more of your Adobe software products is not genuine.
Product Serial Number Licensing Status Tampered Software