Be seen in all the right places.

Tap into the private marketplace and get top-notch ad space.
The visuals are stunning. The messaging is spot on. But to make a real impact, your video ads need to be in the right places at the right time. Adobe Advertising Cloud can help you to customise your own private marketplace for programmatic ad buys. That means you can deal directly with the publishers you want to advertise with, get priority access to their premium ad inventory and reach your target audiences fast.


Stand out on the best websites.

Our real-time bidding (RTB) platform reaches 90 per cent of comScore’s Top 1000 publishers, so you can be sure your ads will be placed next to high-quality content.

Bring your existing deals with you.

We can help you to manage deals you’ve already sealed with publishers with new deals we’ll help you to make.

Choose a management solution that works best for you.

On-demand Ad Serving

Automate deals, explore and reserve premium ad inventory and get flexibility with non-guaranteed deals.

Smart Ad Serving

Set up private transactions using deal IDs and get support for both guaranteed and non-guaranteed deals.

Simple Ad Serving

Get ad requests filled every time with maximum uptime and reliability, as well as support for guaranteed deals.

Control who sees your ads and where and when.

Cross-channel frequency management

Manage ad frequency across all buys and extend the reach of every dollar.

Site-level transparency

Get an in-depth look at ad performance with access to over 50 different reports.

On-target delivery

Zero in on audiences with deep demographic and psychographic capabilities.

Data-driven optimisation

Gain insight in real time and make on-the-spot campaign adjustments.
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 Manage all of your ad channels from one solution.

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Learn how to solve business problems.

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