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Magento and Marketo FAQs

Magento and Marketo on-demand training programmes are your ticket to continuous learning. Both Magento On-Demand training access and the Marketo E-Learning Passport subscription are available free of charge through 30 June 2020.


What is the current Marketo training offer?

We are offering the Marketo E-Learning Passport for free through 30 June 2020.


What is the current Magento training offer?

We are offering Magento On-Demand training access for free through 30 June 2020.


When are the offers valid? 

Now through 30 June 2020.


Can these offers be extended beyond 90 days?

No, the free on-demand training is available only through 30 June 2020.


Who is eligible for the Marketo and Magento on-demand learning offers?
Anyone is eligible, including existing customers, prospects, partners and developers.


Will the training content differ for the free subscription vs. a paid subscription?

No, the training content is the same.


Do I need an Adobe ID to access the on-demand training?

Yes, you will need to create an Adobe ID to log in to this training.



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