Intelligent Services

Make customer experience smarter with Intelligent Services.

What you can do with Intelligent Services

Intelligent Services, built on Adobe Experience Platform, gives marketers responsible for customer experience access to AI-as-a-service, making it easy for anyone to predict customer behaviour, measure the impact of a campaign or ensure better return on every investment.

Intelligently predict customer behaviour.

Use the data in Experience Platform’s real-time profile to understand and then predict individual customer behaviour and preference.

Deliver experiences confidently.

Know who is most likely to respond to a message, then deliver an experience tailored on the fly to their preferences.

Know for sure what’s working.

Understand with confidence how each customer interaction affects incremental conversion or other business outcome.

Make smarter investments.

Invest your resources with confidence by understanding which marketing activities give you the best ROI.

Features and use cases

Customer AI

Get an advanced look at each customer, including expected behaviours.

Deliver high-accuracy customer propensity models for stronger segmentation and targeting.

Understand the reasoning behind customer behaviours.

Customise configuration to your company’s unique use cases and data.

Customer AI in action 

New customer activation
Deliver a promotional email campaign to users with a higher chance of conversion.

Customer retention
Proactively retain high-risk users by segmenting for personalised treatment.

Customer engagement
Increase engagement with existing users — for example, if they’ve been inactive for a few days.

Attribution AI

Measure and optimise customer experiences across the customer journey.

Understand incremental impact for each individual touchpoint to accurately allocate budgets.

Receive unbiased multichannel attribution results.

Configure easily to meet your specific needs for greater control.

Attribution AI in action

Executive reporting
Show executives the true impact of marketing, both as a whole and by channel, region, SKU and more.

Budget allocation
Inform decisions on how budget is spent across marketing channels.

Campaign optimisation
Understand which campaigns and content are working better so marketing can optimise their tactics.

Partner evaluations
Assess how effective agencies and partners are, based on attribution results.

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