Discover the perfect combination.

Multivariate tests lead the way.


Zero in on what moves the needle.

Easily run multivariate tests to discover which content combinations deliver the best results. With Adobe Target, you can build on what you’ve learnt from your A/B tests and dive even deeper into testing, allowing you to quickly discover the winning digital experiences.

Features of multivariate testing.

Full and partial factorial testing
Full factorial tests are always an option, but if time or adequate traffic is an issue, Adobe Target also offers lean and quick partial factorial tests.
Element contribution report
Use this report to discover which combinations of elements on your page contribute to its success and to what degree each element helps.
Auto-generated test template
Adobe Target provides an easy step-by-step method to auto-generate templates for partial factorial multivariate tests.
Segment-filtered results
Filter test results by customised segments to get insights into the preferences of a diverse visitor population and to refine your optimisation strategy.
Optimised content delivery
Push winning content with a click or set a test to self-optimise and deliver in real time to the right segment.

See how it’s done.

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Lessons from the personalisation pros.

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