Adobe Anywhere. A workflow service that lets Creative Cloud users collaborate, using centralised media, across standard networks.

Adobe Audition

What can you do with Adobe Anywhere?

Adobe Anywhere brings enterprise teams of talent together to collaborate and create productions. With Anywhere, video professionals use local networks to simultaneously access and edit centrally stored media.
Tutorial, record audio files
Collaborate without boundaries.
Give your team the tools to collaborate simultaneously in real time. With instant access to shared assets, your team can deliver higher quality productions in less time. The collaborative capabilities are embedded in Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Prelude CC, so team members don’t need to learn new tools.
Tutorial, import audio files and browse media
Work with standard hardware and industry-leading tools.
Anywhere works with Adobe’s professional video tools to log, edit and share video productions. Adobe Anywhere is an open system that augments existing infrastructure and integrates with standard IT hardware, software and networks.
Tutorial, remove noise from audio files
Experiment without risk.
Easy-to-use version control and smart conflict resolution significantly reduce project conflicts. It’s easy to take creative risks and revert to a previous project version when necessary.