Virtual Reality Hero
Imagine if you could send your students of art and history on a virtual field trip to The Louvre or simulate high-risk emergency situations to train your first-responder teams. Design immersive learning experiences that can be delivered via popular VR headsets (e.g. Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR etc.) to replicate real-life scenarios. With the 2019 release of Adobe Captivate author virtual reality-based learning scenarios using 360° media assets. Add interactive elements such as information hotspots, quizzes and knowledge check modules to enhance learner engagement and retention.
Immersive learning with VR experiences

Battle shrinking attention spans with immersive learning scenarios that your learners can experience in Virtual Reality using VR headsets. Now Adobe Captivate makes it possible for you to import 360° media assets and add hotspots, quizzes and other interactive elements to engage your learners with near real-life scenarios. Achieve learning use cases such as – “be in the shoes of”, “virtual tours”, “crises management”, “safety drills” and more.

Recommended best practices for an optimum VR learning experience 
Recommended VR devices for content playback: 
Google Day dream
Samsung Gear VR (2017)
Recommended OS & Browser compatibility:
iOS 11 & later running Safari 11.1 & later.
Android 6.0 & later running Google Chrome 67 & later

While VR content will work on other device and browser combinations, we recommend the above for the best learner experience.

360⁰ learning experiences

Augment the learning landscape with 360° images and videos and convert them into interactive eLearning content with customisable overlay items such as information blurbs, audio content & quizzes. Make learners explore their surroundings and actively engage with the environment to enhance retention. Achieve complex learning use cases such as compliance protocols in action, virtual walkthroughs, realistic product demos and more.
Live device preview
See exactly how your eLearning content will play out on your learners’ VR devices. Use the live preview feature in Adobe Captivate to generate a QR code that you can scan using a mobile device and mirror the project real-time on your device browser. Once the initial connection is done, you can keep previewing all your work across projects as long as the Adobe Captivate session is active.

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