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Flash Builder 4.5 Standard      Flash Builder 4.5Premium               
Mobile application development for multiple mobile platforms

Previewing, debugging and profiling of mobile applications

Packaging and signing of mobile applications

Code templates

Metadata code completion

Code generation

More coding improvements

Bi-directional designer and developer project workflow

Creation of customised Spark components for designer skinning

Customisable Flash Builder

Design View improvements

Latest platform support

Integrated copy of Zend Studio 8



Integrated Flex-PHP debugging workflow



PHP code generation and refactoring



PHP unit testing



Remote and virtual PHP server support



And if you are still using Adobe Flex® Builder™ 3, Flash Builder 4.5 also adds:
Rich visual layout

Integration with Adobe Creative Suite® design tools

Interactive data visualisation

Data-centric development

Skinning and styling

Creation of desktop applications for Adobe AIR®

Improved performance to support large application development
Memory and performance profilers  
Network Monitor  
Command-line build  

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