Gaming SDK. Create ActionScript games.

The Adobe Gaming SDK provides an essential collection of frameworks, code samples and learning resources that work together to help developers create and deliver ActionScript games across multiple devices.
Adobe Gaming SDK


Open source frameworks

  • Starling (ActionScript 3.0 open source library for optimised performance)
  • Feathers (lightweight, skinnable and extensible UI comps powered by Starling)
  • Away3D (open source 3D graphics engine written in ActionScript 3.0)
  • DragonBones (2D skeleton animation framework)

iOS native AIR extensions

  • Game Centre, Stage Ad, Social, In-App Purchase and Beta Testing

Away Builder workflow tool

  • A visual workflow tool created for both designers and developers
  • Simplifies the creation of complicated 3D scenes
  • Companion application for the open source Away3D framework that allows for importing and staging of 3D assets including models, materials, effects and more

ATF tools

  • Customised file format used by Stage3D to utilise compressed textures
  • Memory optimisation on desktop and mobile devices
  • Especially valuable for Stage3D developers


  • Framework for Adobe AIR APIs
  • Game controller input APIs
  • Template for the Adobe AIR application instal badge
  • Command-line Adobe AIR Debug Launcher (ADL)
  • Command-line Adobe AIR Developer Tool (ADT)

Documentation and samples

  • Code and project samples to help you to learn how to use the tools
  • Documentation of the APIs for the iOS native extensions

Get started with the Gaming SDK.

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