See what's new in Premiere Elements 2022.

See what's new in Premiere Elements 2022

aspect ratio

Pick the perfect aspect ratio

Edit and export your videos in social-friendly vertical or square aspect ratios without losing content. Add motion titles, mattes and backgrounds designed for non-horizontal videos, too.

Auto-reframe your subject

Easily resize your videos for social media and more while keeping the most important part of the action in the frame. Works great for clips with a lot of movement, like a kid’s birthday party or a sporting event.  Powered by Adobe Sensei.*

Add fun animated overlays

Jazz up any video with flitting butterflies, encircling hearts and other beautiful and whimsical animations. Create a whole new look in a few quick steps.


Adjust shadows and highlights

Easily reveal hidden details in the darkest or brightest areas of your videos so there’s more to see in every scene.


Explore new slideshow styles

Show off your photos and videos and tell your stories with new animated slideshow templates in a range of great-looking styles.

Effortless organisation

Compress video files for easy sharing

Use a simple slider to reduce the size of your films so you can easily upload them to web and social sites, send them in text messages and more.

Transform your clips into engaging films.





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