Adobe Sensei services

Learn more about the powerful Adobe Sensei services that help you to work smarter and faster and bring a personal touch to every customer experience.

Content Intelligence

Content Intelligence services powered by Adobe Sensei will be available in beta to select customers.

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Content AI services

As part of Content Intelligence, Content AI services help you to understand and manipulate images for efficient re-use, automated production and personalisation at scale. Adobe Sensei's Content AI services help you to improve:

 Content AI services

Image content

Automatically add image descriptors - including metadata, design elements and captions - to new and existing assets.

Image quality

Score image quality on professional dimensions such as colour harmony, depth of field and rule of thirds.

Content position

Automatically crop and mask images with content-aware intelligence to create images to brand specifications and channel requirements.

Video content

Quickly generate metadata including action descriptors for video.

Experience Intelligence

Coming soon, next-generation Experience Intelligence services powered by Adobe Sensei help you personalise and optimise every customer experience. This will be available in beta to select customers and will be part of our Adobe Experience Cloud solutions.

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Attribution AI services

Understand the influence of your marketing on your desired outcomes, letting you optimise the customer experience across their whole journey. Adobe Sensei's Attribution AI services help you to understand the following:

 Attribution AI services

Marketing impact

Determine incremental impact driven by owned, earned and paid media.

Cross-channel campaign effectiveness

Allocate incremental spend based on the channel and campaign performance to drive better results.

Customer mix

Understand the type of customers your marketing channels are converting.

Customer AI services

Enrich customer profiles with intelligent attributes based on user behaviour and demographics to better segment and target prospects and customers. Adobe Sensei's Customer AI services help you to understand the following:

Churn propensity

Identify and retain the customers who are most likely to cancel your service.

Conversion propensity

Personalise nurture campaigns for prospects based on behaviours and interests to drive conversion.

Upsell propensity

Target offers to the right customer at the right time to optimise wallet share.

 Customer AI services

Journey AI services

Optimise the design and delivery of customer journeys by orchestrating AI-driven optimisation with marketer-defined rules. Adobe Sensei's Journey AI services help you to understand the following:

Journey AI services

Optimal send time

Personalise the timing of emails for your prospects and customers.

User engagement

Plan your communication strategy with predictive insights of the likelihood of interaction with the email (open rate and click-through rate).

Messaging threshold

Find the cadence of messages that keeps customers engaged and avoids the customer fatigue which leads them to unsubscribe.