Are electronic signatures legal? Absolutely.

Adobe Acrobat Sign is the world’s most trusted e-sign solution. Whether you need a qualified electronic signature (QES) in the European Union, Switzerland or the United Kingdom or an e-KYC-compliant signature in India, Acrobat Sign helps you comply with laws around the world — including the most stringent legal requirements.

Why should you choose e-signatures from Acrobat Sign?

Electronic signatures are legal, trusted and enforceable in many countries around the world. While laws may vary, Acrobat Sign gives you maximum flexibility in a single global e-signature solution. From simple e-signatures to e-signatures with strong identification to highly secure, regulated digital signatures in the cloud, you can select the right type for each use case — and every signer.

E-signature legality.

Many countries around the world recognise e-signatures as evidence in a court of law. Certain highly secure, regulated digital signatures with authentication are also often considered equivalent to a traditional handwritten signature in ink.

Open standards.

Backed by open standards and our large global network of digital identity providers, you can apply a highly secure, compliant cloud signature directly from your phone.

E-signature security.

At Adobe, digital document security is a top priority. Read all about how we protect your e-signatures in Acrobat Sign Security overview.

Global laws.

Depending on your use case, e-signature laws around the world have some similarities but may include important enforceability or legal effect differences by country or province.

Use in the United States.

In the United States, the E-Sign Act and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) created the legal foundation for e-signatures to be used across all states.

Use in the European Union.

In the European Union, the Electronic Identification and Trust Services Regulation (eIDAS) created legislation that helped normalise e-signature status across country borders.

Key concepts for e-signature compliance.

Acrobat Sign helps your organisation manage regulatory compliance for your electronic records even at the individual document level. Learn how to help teams in your organisation identify and mitigate risks by way of the Adobe e-signature framework.

Not all e-signatures are equal.

From a simple e-signature to a certified cloud signature, Acrobat Sign gives you the choice of e-signature and the level of identification needed to confirm signer identity — before your document or electronic form is signed. Simply put, Acrobat Sign is the most flexible solution to help you comply confidently with legal requirements and legal frameworks for e-signatures around the world.

Full of features built for legal workflows.

With Acrobat Sign features, you can include a reason for signing, request consent to conduct business electronically and provide an option for signers to sign by hand. View all Acrobat Sign capabilities that make it easy to send, sign, track and manage e-signature processes — anywhere, any time — directly from a browser or phone.

Demonstrate proof of signing.

Depending on the type of e-signature used, the Acrobat Sign audit trail and signature panel can help to prove that a specific signer authorised their signature on a document. And if you use a highly secure, regulated digital signature, it will also be bound cryptographically to the document and can be validated for up to 10 years. When completed, copies of signed documents are sent automatically to all parties and certified by Adobe with a tamper-evident seal.

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