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Adobe Advertising Cloud Features

Automated media buying with a demand-side platform is the must-have for businesses to move their digital advertising strategy forward. The DSP you choose can give you the advantage that you need to successfully and cost-effectively implement your strategy, accurately forecast and predict outcomes and give your customer an experience that delights. Adobe Advertising Cloud has been consistently named a Leader in the field by Forrester. See how we can help you to become a leader in yours.

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A quarter century of digital transformation.

Digital advertising is turning 25 and we're celebrating with a look back – and a look to the future.


All on the same page when you’re all on the same platform.

Visualising an omni-channel strategy is easier when you have a unified demand-side platform. Adobe Advertising Cloud DSP is the most comprehensive, agnostic platform that gives you access to ad inventory for practically any media and provides all the tools for quality-control, measurement and optimisation.

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Automate private inventory management for guaranteed buys, as well as premium, on-demand inventory from more than 100 publishers and TV broadcasters or from non-traditional programmatic offerings like audio, digital out of home (OOH) and social.

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Select the ideal targeting mix with multiple options including inventory targeting based on sites, apps, categories. Or, target based on audience segment, device type, manufacturer, OS, browser, connectivity or location from the country level to postcode.

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Go beyond cookies and devices to target individuals. Associate an individual’s devices to create a single profile. And with our open, agnostic platform, it’s easy to merge data sources to augment that profile. All of this can be used to find more customers with lookalike modelling.

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Use measurement solutions from industry leaders like Nielsen to get the full scope of a campaign’s performance both online and off-line. Gain actionable insights with easy access to real-time campaign data and customised reports.

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Keep control of your brand with our industry-leading tools to ensure your advertisements display in the best possible light. Page screening capabilities detect and mitigate faulty inventory, while pre-bid filtering detects and prevents fraud, brand violations and suboptimal viewability.

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Determine the influence of brand advertising with our proprietary A/B testing tool, Experiment Designer. And to measure brand lift and channel impact, use our free, in-house, real-time survey tool.

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Make the most of your time with a variety of tools, products and integrations, including simple and flexible objective-optimisation definitions, package-level performance goals, improved bulk edit and bulk creation tools and performance metrics.

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Dig deeper with more sophisticated data processing for greater insights. Raw activity logs provide rich campaign activity that go straight to your own database or data management platform. Our reporting API brings you performance metrics directly into advertiser’s native applications.

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Simplify the creation and update of search-campaign structures with intuitive workflows and tools for automatic creation, dynamic editing and campaign reporting that work across engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex.

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Pinpoint the insights you need to tailor campaigns to your audience and increase conversions. See how customers engage with your ads across channels to get the full picture of their buying journey.

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AI-powered optimisation improves performance by maximising conversions no matter your budget. We’ve developed sophisticated bidding models, so you can get more precise campaign predictions across all your key metrics.

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Plan your campaign strategy with ready-to-use forecasting tools with artificial intelligence, powered by Adobe Sensei. Run simulations that show how much to spend on every campaign. Get customised spend recommendations that help stretch your budget across all your portfolios. Pinpoint insights with granular modelling down to the keyword—including cost, clicks, position, cost-per-click and revenue.

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Better outcomes come from better management.

From data ingestion to campaign management, get industry-leading features that make workflows more intuitive, optimise bids, troubleshoot set up and more. Powered by Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence, you’ll see how your campaign will turn out before you even turn it on.

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Digital ads built on the fly for media buys that happen in a snap.

Saying you can turn insight into action is one thing. Actually doing it is another. Because Adobe Analytics is part of an integrated digital ecosystem, we make pulling insights into advertising, cross-channel campaigns or the personalisation of content easier than ever.

Use rules-based decision trees to unfold a series of ads to your customers that takes them through a journey and follows them even if they move to different devices or websites.

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Automatically build thousands of digital ads that vary in real-time for product-based retargeting, creative personalisation, audience segmentation and customer journey. All of which can be optimised with a feed-based algorithm using multivariate testing.

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Reduce the creative development costs of your digital advertising with intuitive, self-serve user interfaces and customised templates that let you edit different elements, while still enforcing rules that keep new layouts on brand.

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Make collaboration between design and marketing teams a reality with the integration of Creative Cloud assets library and customer data from Adobe Analytics and Adobe Audience Manager. Combined, you get approved, campaign-ready creative elements that can build insight-led, personalised advertising sequences.

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Get help keeping up with the latest in digital advertising. Our experts can show you how to create customised, interactive, jaw-dropping ads that won’t just sell products, but will also engage your audience at a deeper level and move you to the forefront of technology.

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Digital ads built on the fly for media buys that happen in a snap.

The powerhouse of Adobe creative tools plus the exceptional insights from our analytics allow you to swiftly build ads personalised to customer behaviours, profiles and where they are in the customer journey. With flexible templates and intuitive workflows, you can always deliver the right ad to the right person at the right time.

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Let’s talk about what Adobe Advertising Cloud can do for your business.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Advertising Cloud can do for your business.