Casper Wang

Casper has received numerous international photography awards from cities such as New York, London, Germany, the United States, France, and Moscow, amassing a total of 34 prestigious gold awards to date.

Starting with the goal of capturing images of "traditional culture," Casper strives to move his audience with his work, staying true to his original intention: "To make Taiwan known to the world through my photography!

Check out these Lightroom tutorials and see what you can do.

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Select a specific area in seconds.

Layer elements of your image to restore details, highlight the subject and enhance colour vibrance.

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Make your landscapes pop.

Enhance city landscape photos with color adjustments, balancing highlights and shadows. Reduce noise instantly with the power of AI.

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Restore color vibrancy of the scene.

Highlight the subject, improve clarity, and use a linear gradient mask to further emphasize the main subject.

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Bring your audience on a journey with photographer Casper Wang.

Transporting you on a visual journey around Taiwan, offering a glimpse into the diverse and captivating beauty that enrich our world.

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Free travel presets.

Create your own vibrant images with Casper Wang's Lightroom presets.

Vibrant Subject

Enhance layering, contrast, color, restore details, mask subject to enliven characters in light, shadow, and haze.

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Treasured Architecture

Capture the charm of ancient architecture with light and shadows from the details of the temple and sky.

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City Night

Intensify the city lightscape by enhancing contrast and creating a layered effect.

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Urban light

Create energy with bold colour contrasts. Dim surrounding tones and emphasize the subject to create a sense of scale.

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