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Adobe Analytics Cloud is the core intelligence engine for your enterprise. It’s the insight that powers experiences for your business. It brings context to online and off-line data, helping you build loyalty with customers you know and learn more about those you just met. Real intelligence and precise audience creation can help you to put real-time insights into action.

Adobe Analytics Cloud
Accessible analytics

Accessible analytics

Make enterprise-level marketing analytics understandable and accessible to everyone in your organisation.
Precise segmentation

Precise segmentation

Continuously refine the view of your customers. As you do, you’ll discover and create high-value audiences and understand the best way to reach them.
Real-time targeting

Real-time targeting

Connect your analytics with real-time activation so the transition from insight to action is as fast as it can be.
Next-generation attribution

Next-generation attribution

To understand your ROI, you need an objective view of the customer journey across every device and channel — paid, earned and owned.

What can Adobe Analytics Cloud do for you?

See how Adobe Analytics Cloud helps you to address today’s digital challenges with real-world analytics use cases.

Learn how today’s brands are using Adobe Analytics Cloud.

See how Time Warner drives conversion, increases customer engagement and builds revenue.
Learn how Lenovo maximises the effectiveness of its digital marketing strategy.
See how Hyatt has learnt to create more connected and seamless customer experiences across channels.

See what you can do with Adobe Analytics Cloud.

Adobe Analytics

Gather, organise and act on all your data with Adobe Analytics.

Adobe Analytics is the world’s most powerful analytics solution that combines real-time data insights with predictive analytics, so you have a complete view of each customer.

Discover and create valuable segments with Adobe Audience Manager.

Audience Manager helps you to build customer profiles and identify your most valuable audiences.

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We've gathered hundreds of Adobe's latest articles about building an experience business into our brand-new portal, Adobe Insights.
  • Adobe Cloud Platform: A foundation for experiences.

    It’s the only platform that brings together your content and data in one place. It’s powered by Adobe Sensei, our machine learning and artificial intelligence framework, as well as Adobe I/O, which includes APIs for partner extensions and core services. All of this helps you streamline integrations across Adobe Experience Cloud solutions.
  • The Adobe Cloud Platform: a foundation for experiences.

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Focusing on the customer experience is at the top of the priority list for most companies. Personalisation plays a key role as top organisations strive to make experiences as compelling as possible with the integration of artificial intelligence and cloud-based technology.