The customer experience is always right.

Adobe, Microsoft and SAP have joined forces to create the Open Data Initiative. With this new, open alliance, you can weave all your data from any channel or device into a complete, real-time view of your customer. It’s time to reimagine what customer experience management can be.
The Customer Experience Is Always Right

Customer experience management just got real.

Digital transformation has to be about delivering world-class customer experiences. Which means it begins and ends with data. Without the right data, there’s no clear view of the customer and transformation dies on the vine. But in most businesses, data is fractured, coming from many sources, meant for different purposes and stored in different places. Which means fractured customer experiences.

To truly transform and deliver world-class experiences, you need a real-time picture through behavioural, transactional, financial and operational data of what your customer is doing at the moment, on any device, through any channel. And that takes a solution that reimagines customer experience management and allows you to weave all of your data — CRM, ERP, commerce, sales, product usage and more — into that complete, single customer view that lets you take action in real time.
Customer experience management just got real.

Common data. Uncommon results.

Common data. Uncommon results.
Adobe, Microsoft and SAP have come together to create the Open Data Initiative, a new open alliance that makes silos a thing of the past. The Open Data Initiative enables a seamless flow of customer data. Everything from behavioural and transactional to financial and operational data comes together with one data model, making it possible for the first time to have a comprehensive, real-time view of your customers across all touchpoints. And with Adobe Experience Platform, real-time data means real-time action.

A data foundation is made for an experience platform.

Adobe is already a leader in customer experience. And Adobe Experience Platform will serve as the data foundation for the next generation of customer experience management as the first platform to leverage the Open Data Initiative. Experience Platform uses the power of Adobe Sensei — our AI and machine learning framework — to help you to weave together all your data so you can understand customer behaviour and deliver the best experiences in real time.

Meet the Open Data Initiative founding partners.

We’ve opened the door. Now we invite you to work with us and help us to redefine the future of data and experiences.
SAP brings together customer data, machine learning and microservices technology to power real-time customer experiences across sales, service, marketing, commerce and beyond.
As a leader in customer experiences, Adobe is reimagining customer experience management with Adobe Experience Platform, a key component of the Open Data Initiative and built from the ground up to make world-class experiences a reality.
Get more from your Dynamics 365 data, discover new insights with Power BI and build your next application using Azure services that are compliant with the Open Data Initiative.

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