Put your form approvals on the fast track.

Businesses are still suffering from the hassle of paper applications and inefficient manual approvals. We have a better way. Adobe Experience Manager Forms helps you to keep your work moving and customers happy by introducing digital processes and eliminating data rekeying and paper archival.

Put your form approvals on the fast track.

Build a better system without starting again.

Use the tools from Experience Manager Forms to turn your form processing from antiquated and manual to modernised and automated.

System integration
Experience Manager Forms integrates easily with your existing tools, such as line-of-business infrastructure and transactional systems, business process management, relational databases and reporting tools.

Form workflows
Use a visual designer and pre-configured components to create workflows that connect data captured in forms and other sources. Personalised dashboards track where forms are in the approval process. 

Browser workspace
Let workers check their to-do lists and track the status of tasks through a workspace accessible from any browser, so nothing slips through the cracks.

Mobile capabilities
Empower mobile workers to capture form data from any device — even while off-line — and easily kick-off automated workflows.

Performance tracking
Monitor backlogues, work queues and any key performance indicators that will help you to improve form processes.

Quick e-signatures
Eliminate traditional signatures, faxing or postage with Adobe Sign integration.

Keep forms moving with mobile.

The Adobe Experience Manager Forms mobile app allows field workers to securely capture information and interact with forms while on-the-go — even off-line. The mobile app includes:
Keep forms moving with mobile.
  • The ability to fill in forms and attach notes, photos, video or geolocation tags
  • Data propagation across multiple forms
  • Off-line data collection with automatic synchronisation when you’re connected to a secure network
  • Electronic signature support
  • Data encryption
  • Support for tablets and smartphones on iOS and Android

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See how San Diego County streamlined form-based processes by integrating with back-end systems and eliminating manual scanning and paper.

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