Succeed through minimising risk.

Your organisation's success depends on strict implementation of workplace compliance among your employees. Learn to handle tough customers through effective conflict management techniques. Set guidelines with a watertight set of business ethics. All this to minimise risk and build a responsible organisation.

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Workplace Compliance


CSA Training (26 mins)

CSA is a data-driven compliance and enforcement programme. It's all part of the FMCSA's effort to prevent crashes, injuries and fatalities associated within the commercial driving industry.

Conflict Management (19 mins)

This is a Conflict Management series. "Managing" conflict means that we acknowledge that conflict exists. It isn't dwelling on the negativity of that conflict, but rather making conflict a productive thing. It's making use of our different opinions and experiences and growing the individuals, the departments, the products or whatever, as a result of those differences.

Hazard Communicaton for Employees (16 mins)

I don't always handle toxic chemicals, but when I do, I like to know about the hazards. I'm betting you feel the same way. So is your employer doing their job in communicating hazards to you? Let's find out in this course, which takes you through the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, employer responsibilities, training and the reporting of non-compliance.

Hazard Communicaton for Employers (23 mins)

Creating a hazard communication programme can seem intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. Here, we'll walk you through, step by step, how to develop a plan that is clear, comprehensive and most importantly, effective.

Business Ethics (30 mins)

Explain What Business Ethics Means to Them & Their Organisation, Formulate an Informed Response and Contribute to an Ethical Workplace Culture

Conflict Resolution (30 mins)

Define Conflict, Understand How to CATCH Conflict So You Can Better Resolve It and Describe the Results of Unresolved Conflict

Handling a Difficult Customer (30 mins)

Explain the Importance of Engaging With a Difficult Customer, Describe Traits Exhibited by a Difficult Customer and Practice the AIM Model to Manage a Difficult Customer

Please note that these courses are in English. Some may have captions available in German, French or Spanish.