Evolution of FrameMaker



New Features


Support for high resolution displays

Now work with the full clarity of high definition displays (up to 4K - 3840 x 2160), as FrameMaker automatically scales to fit the system resolution. Enjoy the new interface with crisp icons and a richer contrast ratio.

Bigger and better welcome screen

Get to work faster with a new-age, more user-friendly welcome screen that allows you to quickly create new documents or open recent files. Also, access structured and unstructured items from one page. Connect to a repository or file system effortlessly.

Search for menu commands

Find menu commands faster by using the new menu search feature. Rather than looking for a command among the menu options, you can just type the name and hit enter. 

New Project Manager 

Manage your work better with the new Project Manager that lets you drag and drop assets to a document and organize files with ease.
Next-generation Responsive HTML5 layouts 
Deliver personalized content experiences with new frameless Responsive HTML5 layouts that have best-in-class search and navigation. Enjoy a richer viewing experience as layout icons have been optimized for HD displays. Show or hide widgets, such as glossary and TOC.
Search faster with autocomplete  
Deliver a best-in-class search experience to end users with first-of-its-kind search autocomplete and more contextual search results. Provide users with automatic suggestions as they type, displaying the frequency of occurrence for each alongside.
Customizable Basic HTML5 output 
Generate lightweight, easily sharable Basic HTML5 code with no layouts and JavaScript, which can then be customized via CSS for a unique look and feel.
Effortlessly publish to Adobe Experience Manager
Easily publish DITA content to Adobe Experience Manager Sites from FrameMaker by using XML Documentation Add-on for Adobe Experience Manager.
Text search within SVG images 
Give end users a more comprehensive search experience with the added ability to search text within SVG images, that also shows up in search results.
Content personalization for DITA content 
Now directly use DITA attributes for content as criteria in Dynamic Content Filters, making it even easier to create personalized content experiences for your end users. 
Add favorites within new Responsive HTML5 layouts
Provide users the option to mark topics as favorites within the new Responsive HTML5 layouts, saving them time and effort when accessing content again.
Greater content accessibility with 508 compliance
Now accommodate your users’ special needs by generating HTML5 layouts that meet 508 compliance, making content compatible with assistive technologies.
New status bar with element path
Use the brand-new status bar to keep track of the exact path of your current element while authoring DITA content in your structured document. Easily navigate using your cursor keys, eliminating the need to go back and forth to the structured view.

Enhanced features

Reorganized menu
Work more intuitively with reorganized menu options that are now more logically distributed. Easily insert images, files, variables, elements, and more via the new ‘Insert’ menu. Find menu commands faster by using the new menu search feature.
Enhanced designer pods
Create and update styles with the click of a button in the enhanced designer pods. Modify styles easily using the new labeled buttons for paragraphs and tables. Configurable options have been reorganized and relabeled.
Slick new “insert image” experience
Add images to your document faster with the new insert menu command. Retain DPI and other properties at the time of insertion, with the ability to edit them later. Set DPI inline and apply changes with a single click via the improved object properties dialog.
Seamless integration between FrameMaker and Adobe Experience Manager
Enjoy tighter integration of FrameMaker (2017 release) with Experience Manager. Use the repository search feature within FrameMaker to search in the Experience Manager repository. Sync, view and reply to review comments in real-time using the new Review Comments pod in FrameMaker. Use the updated preferences dialog box to set up file check-in and check-out preferences for Experience Manager.
Reimagined workspace
Gain all the space you need to focus on your content with only relevant pods being displayed by default. Now access most pods as bubbles, some of which have been shifted from the bottom to the right, with information neatly displayed in fewer columns.
Keyboard shortcuts added to menu
Get familiar with keyboard shortcuts, now displayed alongside all menu options, allowing you to quickly execute actions in a keystroke.
Enhanced font selection
Find fonts easily and apply them to your documents with improved font management.
Optimized file saving
Work fast and save files easily on exit as it is easier to handle single or multiple files.
Streamlined launch options
Identify structured and unstructured mode easily with the simpler, streamlined launch options.
Optimised find and replace dialogue
Find and replace content effortlessly with alphabetically sorted lists in the Find/Change pod.
Usability enhancements in catalogues
Manage character, paragraph and element catalogue pods more easily with usability improvements. Enjoy a cleaner interface with easily identifiable icons which replace long buttons and a simplified deletion experience.
Mini Table of Contents
Make long documents more readable and easier to navigate with mini TOCs, which now update automatically. Just select the styles to generate the mini TOC, insert and format it. The table will auto-generate. Mini TOCs will appear in all supported output formats.

Revised auto spell check
Work without pausing with the improved Auto Spell Check, that now waits for you to complete your words before checking for errors.
Leaner HTML5 output
Ensure content loads faster for users with the default HTML5 output that cleans itself up to exclude any extra files, resulting in as much as a 50% reduction in loading time.
Personalisation with Dynamic Content Filters
Give end-users a more personalised content experience with improved Dynamic Content Filters that now support indexes. Users can select appropriate filters to view relevant content.
Revamped DITA authoring templates
Author with ease using the revamped DITA authoring templates, for DITA 1.3 and 1.2. Work more easily with the improved look and feel.
Optimised DITA cross-reference
Insert and manage DITA cross-references more optimally with multiple usability enhancements. Easily access it through the new ‘cross-reference’ option in the insert menu. Now also search by element type, ID or text in the improved pod interface.
Improved Keyspace Manager
Use the improved, resizable Keyspace Manager to search and reference documents. Search for just the first few characters of the key to locate a keyspace or select from a drop-down list of keyspaces added from any open DITA map in the current session. Access a common keyspace for all open DITA maps or choose to set a different keyspace for any document.
Enhanced structure view
Work more easily with your XML structure. Show or hide text based on your convenience and need. Enjoy a larger work area by collapsing elements and attributes for entire sub-trees. Get a visual indication of the element in focus and validity of a drop.
Optimised file opening experience
Open files faster with FrameMaker due to optimised cross-referencing of linked files.
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