Experience design. Redefined.

Experience design. Redefined
Turn your comps into interactive prototypes complete with transitions and then test and share your experiences — all without having to jump back and forth between apps.
Timesaving tools.
Benefit from timesaving tools.
Zoom in and out of your canvas with zero lag time, even when you’re working with hundreds of artboards. Use tools like Repeat Grid to quickly replicate lists, photo galleries and other elements across artboards as many times as you want. Any changes you make will update throughout the grid.
Faster ways from design to prototype.
Go from design to prototype in a few clicks.
Drag wires between artboards to power up your prototypes. Create overlays to stack content for a more realistic experience — no need to duplicate artboards for keyboards, menus and dialogues. And set fixed positions on headers and footers so they stay put as viewers scroll.
Works with Photoshop and Illustrator.
Work with your favourite apps.
Start your designs from scratch or bring in files from Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or Photoshop Sketch by simply opening them inside the app. Your files will automatically convert to XD documents with your artboards and layers intact.
Preview on mobile devices.
Preview on mobile devices.
Make sure your experience works the way you want by previewing your prototype on the actual screens you’re designing for. Changes you make on your desktop will be reflected on your Android or iOS device.




Features driving the future of UX.

From static to interactive
With features like voice prototyping, Responsive Resize and Auto-Animate, Adobe XD is ready for whatever comes next in UX.
Animations made easy.
Create advanced animations.
Auto-animate micro-interactions like move, scale and blur across your artboards. Export assets and artboards from XD into your Adobe After Effects projects to create more advanced animations.
Add audio to your prototypes.
Give your prototypes a voice.
Interact with your prototypes using voice and speech playback to create experiences for smart assistants and other next-gen tools that go beyond the screen.
Symbols reimagined.
Take advantage of symbols.
Turn commonly used elements like buttons and logos into symbols that you can drag and drop onto your artboards and re-use. Update one symbol and it updates everywhere. And symbols stay linked when you copy and paste them across files.
Work with assets right in your app.
Work with assets right in your app.
Integration with Creative Cloud Libraries means you can apply images, colours and character styles you create in Photoshop and Illustrator to remix and re-use anywhere.
Size up screens in a snap.
Size up screens in a snap.
Responsive Resize automatically resizes groups of objects on your artboards for different screens, so you spend less time making manual changes and more time designing.

A bigger, better platform.

Extend XD with plugins.
Extend and speed up your XD workflow with plugins created by our developer community that add features and functionality, help you to design with data and automate everyday tasks.
App integrations
Get connected with app integrations.
Connect XD to the tools and services you use every day, including popular collaboration apps like Slack, JIRA and Microsoft Teams.

Work and share from anywhere.

A win-win on Mac and Win.
It’s a win-win on macOS and Windows.
You work on macOS but your dev team works on Windows? No worries. XD was built to perform perfectly on both platforms.
Collaborate securely.
Collaborate securely.
Share and track your prototypes by sending password-protected invites to your team for feedback. You’ll get notified when reviewers comment on prototypes and design specs.
Get assets to developers, faster.
Access and share from anywhere.
Save your projects as cloud documents and XD automatically updates them so you and your team are always on the same version. You can share cloud docs from anywhere — and even edit them when you're off-line.
Get assets to developers, faster.
Get assets to developers, faster.
Export your assets in Design Specs so developers can download and easily re-use them in their code.

Adobe Creative Cloud

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Unlimited prototypes
Unlimited design specs
100 GB cloud storage
Adobe Fonts Portfolio (full library of fonts)