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Voice Prototyping

Bring speech to your prototypes and test it out on real devices.

Give your prototype a voice.

Add voice interfaces to website and app designs. Create voice apps for platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Future-proof your prototypes with Adobe XD.

Plus up the experience with speech.

Hands-free, intuitive and efficient — voice is the next frontier in human-computer interaction. Delight users with a more natural way to interact across experiences.

New interactions, same techniques.

Prototype with voice and speech visually, just like other kinds of user interactions. Connect artboards together and craft the conversation — no coding required.

Test prototypes on real devices.

Experience voice prototypes first-hand. Interact with voice-enabled prototypes on your desktop, in the browser, on mobile and on devices with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

How it works.


Drag a wire to connect two artboards.

You can also transition between a component and a component state.

Select “Voice” as the Trigger.

Enter a voice command. When previewing your prototype, say the command to trigger the associated action.

Preview your prototype. 

Click the play icon to preview your prototype. Hold down the spacebar to use voice commands.

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