Enterprise experience that is scalable



External partners
External partners
Upgrade the skills and drive the effectiveness of your partner organizations by extending your learning programs to your vendors and sales partners. Customize objectives and track outcomes of each partner organization as a separate group.
Multi tenacy
Provide your departments, divisions, or clients with their own instance of LMS, which they can customize, brand,  administer, and manage while sharing seats, catalogs and reports.
Migrating from your old LMS
Migrating from your old LMS
Use a step-by-step wizard to move your existing LMS users, content, and learning data to Adobe Captivate Prime. Migrate using iterative sprints, and get complete visibility on the status of each sprint to ensure that your learners experience zero downtime while you are migrating your legacy data to Adobe Captivate Prime.


API layer
API layer
Easily integrate Adobe Captivate Prime with your intranet or other existing enterprise system. Get access to the functionality, learning objects, and user data of Adobe Captivate Prime inside your own  environment. Create your own custom views of learning within your organization. 
Embeddable Fluidic player
Embeddable Fluidic Player
Take the seamless playback experience offered by Adobe Captivate Prime to your enterprise system. Embed the Fluidic Player and allow learners to consume courses with a single sign-on. The learning data is automatically sent back to Adobe Captivate Prime.


Train sales teams more efficiently by providing them the convenience to access assigned courses from within their Salesforce account. Use the inbuilt Salesforce connector to sync SFDC user details with Adobe Captivate Prime. Allow your salespeople to get a full view of their personal learning dashboard and receive notifications about upcoming learning tasks within Salesforce.
Content provider integration
Content provider integration
Give learners access to courses offered by third party content providers, such as Lynda, Linkedin Learning, Harvard Mentor, and Get Abstract*. Users can enroll and take the courses from these content providers from within the LMS.
*to be purchased separately from 3rd party content providers
Adobe Connect Integration
Adobe Connect integration  
Integrate Adobe Connect hosted accounts having meeting support with Adobe Captivate Prime. Create and schedule virtual classroom sessions; launch your session with a single click; automatically track attendance, completion, and time spent; and view post-session recordings — all from within Adobe Captivate Prime.
Slack integration
Slack integration*
Explore Captivate Prime content and launch your courses without leaving Slack environment. Search for new courses, view recommendations and get notified of upcoming learning deadlines right within Slack.
*only available in US instance  
BI Integrator
Power BI connector 
Create powerful BI dashboards to analyze and visualize learning data by accessing Captivate Prime data from with existing Power BI account. 
Zoom integration
Zoom integration 
Zoom connector helps setup a virtual session, launch an audio video conference call and synchronize user feeds all from within Adobe Captivate Prime.

“Adobe offers what we need now, but looking at their roadmap and support, we knew that they would continue to meet our needs in the future as well.”   — Jonathon Addington, Manager, Education and Training, Tintri 
“Adobe Captivate Prime offers the option to use these courses externally, which extends course content to partner organizations so the companies you work with can also benefit from the information that your employees are learning about. Generally, Adobe Captivate Prime is an effective solution for teaching relevant information in the workplace." — PC Mag 
“Adobe Captivate and the Adobe Captivate Prime LMS provide an ideal wayto create and deliver lessons to all of our audiences,”   — Pataky, PrismHR