Adobe Advertising Cloud success stories

“With Adobe Advertising Cloud, we look forward to engaging with our travellers and shining a light on how fun it is to do business with”

Vincenzo Bruno, Senior Brand Manager, EMEA, set out to create a unique ad experience — a memorable one that would boost traveller engagement. Adobe Advertising Cloud helped them build a funny, interactive and engaging ad experience that raised brand awareness and drove customer loyalty.

“Adobe Advertising Cloud is the largest driving force behind our ability to make smarter decisions about digital marketing. In only four months, we’ve cut spend for campaigns by 45% and cost-per-click by 10.4%.”

Mick Bassett, Search Engine Marketing Analyst, Hagerty

Hagerty wanted to simplify their digital marketing platform and improve insights into their customers’ behaviours. By pairing Adobe Advertising Cloud with Adobe Analytics, they can now automate and scale their campaigns into efficient, data-driven campaigns that they can manage directly.

“There’s no way that we could have moved the Internet-only numbers to such an extent without our digital strategy supported by Adobe Advertising Cloud.”

Amanda Bloom, Managing Director and Director of Advertising, BASK Digital 

With TV customers cutting the cable, BASK Digital wanted to find a way to target voters across all digital TV channels and gain deeper insights into their behaviours. With Adobe Advertising Cloud, they optimised their ad spending and saw greater returns, improving results by 33 points.

Using Adobe Advertising Cloud Search, foodpanda boosted sales and cut costs across the board.

Havas uses Adobe Advertising Cloud Creative to scale and pull creative assets into animated ads at specific times.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Advertising Cloud can do for your business.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Advertising Cloud can do for your business.