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Crop and resize your best video clips to your desired aspect ratio in Adobe Premiere Rush. Then save your cropped video and share it with your followers on any online video platform.

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How cropping videos properly puts your best foot forward.

Making your video look great on any platform means keeping the action in the frame no matter what size it is. Video-sharing platforms like TikTok and YouTube all have different frame dimensions — Instagram even has two, with in-feed square videos and vertical Instagram stories content. Putting your video in more than one place means cropping your clips into the right aspect ratio (width and height) for that platform.


Whether you’re editing on iPhone or Android, Adobe Premiere Rush is one of the newest and easiest editing and video cropping tools. You can make the final video landscape, portrait, square or even choose a 9.16 ratio. Use Premiere Rush to crop your clips  — or a whole video — in a few easy steps.


How to crop a video in Premiere Rush.

With editing tools in Premiere Rush, you can do so much more than simply adding black bars to videos to help them to fit the proper aspect ratio. Learn how:

Adobe Premiere Rush interface with 4 films available to open

Import your video or your set of clips.

Start a new project and import your clips into Premiere Rush. You can import clips in different video formats like MOV, MP4, GIF and others. Your clips are placed in the project’s timeline in the order you selected them. Tip: Select your clips for import in the sequence you want them to appear in the video.

Footage of the Golden Gate Bridge being editing in Adobe Premiere Rush

Select your clip.

If you’re new to video editing, the blue vertical line is called the playhead. It indicates the video frame that is being previewed in your video above your timeline. Make sure it is selecting the clip you want to edit. 

Footage of the Golden Gate Bridge being selected in Adobe Premiere Rush

Crop your video clip to keep the action in the frame.

Review your clip and note where the most important action happens in the frame. While keeping an eye on later shots to make sure the subject stays in-frame throughout the video, crop your video for the look and feel you want. You can transform your video clip in three ways:

Interface of Adobe Premiere Rush crop properties
Interface of Adobe Premiere Rush basic transform properties
Interface of Adobe Premiere Rush advanced crop properties

1. Change the scale to make the subject larger in the frame.
Do this with the Scale sliders in the Transform panel. Enable Lock Scale before doing so unless you want your video to be stretched. Then adjust the height and width so that the subject in the clip is the size you want it to be in the frame.


2. Change the position to ensure the right parts of the clip are in the right parts of the frame.
If your subject is moving and leaves the frame too early, buy yourself more time by changing the clip’s position in the frame. Raise, lower, rotate or slide your clip from left to right in the frame. As you do this, check to make sure your footage is still filling the whole frame. If the edges of your footage are inside the frame, the gap to the edge will have black filler in the final video.


3. Change the shape of a clip with the Advanced controls. 
You can crop the top, bottom and sides of a clip by using the Crop sliders to remove unwanted parts of the frame. Whatever adjustments you make to a clip, check the clip’s alignment with the others in the sequence. You want to keep your cropped clip centred in the frame for a seamless flow in the sequence.



Export and share your video.

When you’re done editing and happy with your final video, it’s time to export. Choose your aspect ratio in the export settings or you can share your video directly from Premiere Rush to Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and YouTube. When you choose your sharing platform in Premiere Rush, your video exports in the correct format and file size, ready for that platform. If you need to make further changes after exporting, you can return to your clip sequence in Premiere Rush and crop your clips so they look their best on another platform and export again. Your original files remain unchanged.

Interface of Adobe Premiere Rush share to destination settings

Shoot and crop your video, then share it right from Adobe Premiere Rush and learn more about what else you can do with this easy-to-use video editor, from how to rotate videos to adding video filters to your clips.             

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