Where everything mobile is actually possible.

Adobe Experience Manager Mobile lets you build, manage and deliver beautiful apps with business impact.

Where everything mobile is actually possible.
Master mobile apps to deliver stunning experiences.
Build and manage beautiful, engaging apps that tackle business challenges.
Harness the power of Adobe Experience Cloud for full integration and insights.
Produce apps that change the way you do business — quickly.

Deliver app experiences that work hard for business.

How it works.

Adobe Experience Manager Mobile lets businesses create and deliver apps that become essential.
1. Create your app experience.
Pull existing assets or create new content — and bring it all to life in an engaging app experience.
2. Connect your data.
Bring in valuable customer and product information by integrating with third-party APIs and critical business systems.
3. Manage and publish apps.
One unified dashboard lets you control all your company’s apps and publish across platforms and devices.
4. Measure your impact.
Built-in analytics show how your app performs and your audience responds, so you can refine content and see ROI.

In every industry, we help apps do amazing things.

AEM Mobile - Financial Services

Financial services

Inspire sales reps, build brands and showcase services when you count on apps for banking, insurance, investment and wealth management.
AEM Mobile - Manufacturing


Whether they make automobiles, chemicals, electronics or other goods, manufacturers use apps to share products and connect with employees.
AEM Mobile - Retail


Retailers and direct sellers promote their products, drive e-commerce and empower employees when they make apps staples of their business.
AEM Mobile - Services


For e-commerce, employee training, customer education and sales support, apps are an effective way to promote sales and generate revenue.
AEM Mobile - Healthcare


Apps improve communication for providers and patients while they benefit health systems, medical device firms and pharmaceutical companies.
AEM Mobile - Media & Entertainment

Media and entertainment

In arts, media and pro sports, apps build connection with fans, attract advertisers and sponsors and put employees on centre stage.

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