Protect your content without interrupting the experience.

 Adobe Primetime DRM, powered by ExpressPlay, gives content distributors a way to support multiple digital rights management (DRM) systems in their content distribution workflow and player technology. It protects premium content across the widest range of devices using the DRM system that’s inherent in each browser or device.

One platform for content protection.


Deploy one workflow for all DRM systems

Multi-DRM platform

Simplify DRM by using a single platform to protect premium video content and publish it to desktops, connected TVs, tablets and smartphones.
Most robust content protection available on each platform

Increased reach

Reach the widest audience possible by delivering protected content to desktops, tablets, smartphones, set-top boxes and game consoles.
Deploy one workflow for all DRM systems

Protected streaming

For later-window news and sports content, Adobe Primetime offers protected streaming. The licence is bound to the content, so it’s highly protected, but infinitely scalable.

Simple for you. Easy for them.


Scalable licence delivery

Scalable licence delivery

Support large subscriber bases and linear programming at scale, where potentially millions of licences must be served. Licence delivery includes pregenerated, embedded, off-line delivery and hierarchical key.
Operator solutions

Operator solutions

Adobe Primetime DRM is built to meet the exacting requirements of operators, with the most scalable protection for linear and live content along with key rotation, licence chaining, licence caching and root-leaf licences.
Optional Cloud Services

Optional cloud services

To help programmers and operators deploy content to devices more efficiently, Adobe offers a cloud-based version of Adobe Primetime DRM. You’ll have all the capabilities while leaving maintenance of the licence server to Adobe.

Take a look at Adobe Primetime DRM features.

Adobe Primetime DRM provides the highest level of content protection available across all Adobe Primetime player SDK supported platforms and devices. And our DRM supports every important MSO and programmer-ready feature for content protection including the following.  

Application whitelisting

Ensure that protected content only plays within approved applications from trusted packagers.

Key and licence rotation

Set to a certain number of seconds or to end-of-programme, as you prefer.

Domain management

Bind content to a domain of devices all sharing a licence under your business rules.

Licence chaining

Get support for a root licence encrypted and bound to a certain device, with automatic updating of all related leaf licences.

Device filtering

Exclude certain devices from specific content based on screen type, OS or hardware capabilities.

Selectable output controls

Guard against consumer recordings.
More Adobe Primetime DRM features.
DRM on desktop
DRM is available on any PC with Adobe Flash Player installed — no downloads or plug-ins required. This cuts delays and enables faster stream startup.
Device compatibility
The Primetime SDK has adaptive streaming that selects a compatible rendition of the content.
Deployment flexibility
If your event calls for massive scale without licence management, use Adobe Primetime protected streaming, the same technology that powers our DRM.
Content access control
Licensing decisions can be based on specific characteristics of the device to provide more granular control.
No key management
This cuts development time for applications and lowers the total cost of operations.

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