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Dreamweaver CC

CEF updates

Dreamweaver now integrates with the latest version of Chromium Embedded Framework, so designers and developers can build HTML5-compliant website and display Flexbox elements, CSS grids and much more.

ES6 support

New EcmaScript 6 support includes quick-type listing of classes, methods, arrow functions and generator functions, as well as linting of ES6 code so you can work with the latest JavaScript updates.

JavaScript refactoring

Use rename and refactor features to intelligently organise your JavaScript code.

Dreamweaver CC

Support for Bootstrap 4

Powerful coding support and visual tooling aids make building sites in this popular CSS framework easier than ever.

Dreamweaver CC

HiDPI support for Windows

Dreamweaver is optimised for HiDPI monitors so you get a crisp interface with fonts, icons, dialogue boxes and menus that scale and display properly.

Multi-monitor support for Windows

Display Dreamweaver across multiple monitors to expand your workspace. For example, drag a document window outside the application frame to view it on a second monitor.

Dreamweaver CC (2017.5)

Git support

Manage all your source code right within Dreamweaver now that the app supports Git. Perform all common Git operations including Push, Pull, Commit and Fetch from the new Git panel. The Files panel lets you toggle between FTP and the Git view and see the status of your team's files.

New code themes

Make your code easier to read with two new code themes, Monaki and Classic, which offer colours similar to those available in Dreamweaver CC 2015.

Updated CEF support

In both Code View and Live View, see customised HTML elements, customised properties for CSS and more now that Dreamweaver integrates with a new version of CEF.

Improved onboarding

A new onboarding experience helps beginners get started quickly and shows advanced users how to be more productive with the app.

Dreamweaver CC (2017.1)

Support for PHP 7

Create dynamic web pages and services with the latest version of the web's most popular scripting language. PHP 7 includes major performance improvements in code execution, memory usage and more. Get access to code hints and error checking right from inside Dreamweaver.

Improved Find and Replace

The new find bar lets you quickly search through code for simple text, tags or code elements without blocking your screen. You can also use the new Advanced Search to look within open files, sites and folders with a simple keyboard shortcut or the drop-down menu.

Dreamweaver CC (2017)

New Code Editor

Code faster and with greater flexibility thanks to a new coding engine. Code Hints help new users learn HTML, CSS and other web standards and visual aids like auto-indentation, code colouring and resizable fonts help reduce errors and make your code easier to read. 

Developer Workspace

Load and open files quickly and get through projects faster with a new performance-boosted and clutter-free workspace designed for developers.

CSS preprocessor support

Dreamweaver now supports common CSS preprocessors like SASS, Less and SCSS, with full code colouring and compilation, so you can save time and produce cleaner code.

Real-time browser preview

See your page edits in real time — no need to manually refresh your browser. 

Quick CSS editing within HTML files

New Quick Edit offers an inline editor for the relevant CSS within an HTML file, so you can make code changes fast.

In-context CSS documentation

New Quick Docs saves you time by displaying relevant Web Platform Docs reference information for CSS properties directly within Code View.

Multiple cursors for repetitive tasks

Write more than one line of code at a time to quickly do things like create a bulleted list, update a series of strings and make multiple edits simultaneously.

Modern UI

Based on input from thousands of beta testers, Dreamweaver has been re-designed with a more intuitive and customisable interface, more accessible menus and panels and a contextual and configurable toolbar that shows only the tools you need.

UI colour themes

The interface now offers four levels of contrast from light to dark, so it’s easier to read and edit lines of code.

Creative Cloud Assets improvements

Archive and restore all your assets stored in Creative Cloud, including the ones in your Creative Cloud Libraries, assets created with your desktop products and mobile projects.

Introducing Typekit Marketplace

Buy fonts from some of the industry’s biggest names and use them in your Dreamweaver projects. Adobe Typekit uses its font sync and web technologies to deliver your Marketplace fonts anywhere you need them.

And so much more

Also includes: Adobe CreativeSync integration; Find and Replace improvements; better code completion for PHP 5.6; quicker startup; faster switching between files, tabs and views; crash recovery; and more.
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Dreamweaver CC (Beta)

Help us build the future of Dreamweaver

We’re transforming Dreamweaver to make it faster and leaner, with a more modern interface and intuitive experience for designers who need to code. Get the beta and help us to build it better.
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Dreamweaver CC (2015.1)

Assets at your fingertips with Creative Cloud Libraries

Browse and access colours, graphics and other creative assets in libraries that are available in Dreamweaver and other Creative Cloud apps. Assets can be linked so that when one is changed, your team can choose to update it across any projects. Libraries make it easier than ever to manage your projects.
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Adobe Stock integration

Now you can find, licence and manage royalty-free images and vector graphics from directly within Dreamweaver. Choose from 45 million assets, save your selection to your Creative Cloud Libraries and then drag it into your project to use. You can also licence video assets directly from the Adobe Stock marketplace.
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New visual aids with the latest Bootstrap framework

Easily create responsive websites that adapt to any browser on any device, thanks to integration with the latest version of the Bootstrap framework. New visual aids help you to define breakpoints for different screen dimensions and organise your code, all within Dreamweaver.

Use of Photoshop artboards to build responsive sites

Build responsive websites from Photoshop files that contain multiple artboards — each with designs for different screen sizes. Extract CSS, images, colours and more directly from shared PSD files, directly within Dreamweaver.
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Code View and Live View enhancements

Code more efficiently with Emmet support that turns simple abbreviations into complex HTML and CSS code and real-time error checking with Linting. You can also edit HTML embedded within PHP files in Live View.

And so much more

Also includes: Simple starter templates to help beginners and students build great-looking websites and more.
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Dreamweaver CC (2015)

Photo and image marketplace

Find the perfect images for your sites in the Adobe Stock marketplace. Explore an ever-expanding library of photos and illustrations and download them directly to your project from Creative Cloud.

Previews on multiple devices

Test and inspect websites on multiple devices simultaneously. Just type a short URL into your mobile device’s browser to preview your sites.
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Creation of responsive websites

Build websites that dynamically adapt to fit multiple screen sizes with built-in Bootstrap integration. Revitalise your existing sites, start from scratch, use templates or incorporate Bootstrap components. Preview your designs in real time by resizing Live View in Dreamweaver. Set media queries visually and more.
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Batch export from PSD files

Save time by quickly extracting web-optimised images from Photoshop documents in multiple resolutions and formats.
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Faster coding

New code editor themes, real-time code validation with Linting and autocomplete with Emmet support make writing code in Dreamweaver faster and easier than ever.
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And so much more

Also includes: New DOM panel for easily navigating and editing HTML page elements; real-time previews of colours and images in Code View; new responsive code snippets to make development faster; automatic push of dynamic files when you save; and more.
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Dreamweaver CC (2014.1)


Get contextual code hinting; drag and drop optimised images into Live View; easily copy CSS and text; and obtain measurements as well as information about colours, gradients, fonts and more from a PSD file.
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Live View

New capabilities such as contextual menus and updates to the Insert panel, keyboard shortcuts and the HTML tag editor make editing and previewing websites faster than ever.
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Live Guides

With Live Guides, you can accurately move HTML elements, along with their associated code, simply by dragging and dropping.

Starter templates

Get a head start on responsive websites with built-in, customisable layouts.

64-bit architecture

Dreamweaver has been re-engineered to take full advantage of modern 64-bit hardware and operating systems, resulting in better compatibility and improved performance.

Dreamweaver CC (2014)

Element Quick View

Visualise your mark-up at a high level using the new DOM Visualisation tool. Easily make changes to your content structure with drag-drop, duplicate, delete or multi-select workflows.
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Live View Property Inspector

Select, change and inspect the properties of any HTML elements in Live View. See the results without refreshing.
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Live Insert

While in Live View, you can use the Insert panel to add HTML elements and preview changes without switching modes or hitting refresh.
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CSS Designer improvements

Generate clean, standards-based CSS with intuitive visual editing tools. Quickly apply text, layout, colour and other CSS properties. Major usability enhancements include a new Border tool, Undo support and significant workflow improvements.
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Certificate-based site management

Manage files securely from your site using SFTP certificate-based authentication, which provides streamlined access to multiple servers.

Help Centre

This feature will help you to discover new features and effective workflows on first launch. It’s easy to skip and it’s modular, making it easy to come back to as needed.
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And so much more

Also includes: Undo/Redo enhancements; changes in accessing extensions; updates to Adobe Business Catalyst and PhoneGap Build workflows; and more.
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Dreamweaver CC (13.1)

Live Highlight

Visualise the relationships between the HTML elements in Live View and applied CSS selectors. Inspect and highlight elements in Live View in real time while you interact with the CSS Designer.
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Modernised Live View

A new rendering engine in Live View displays web content with the same performance and HTML5 support available in Google Chrome. Now you can spend more time in Dreamweaver and less time switching in and out of the browser to test your content.
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Enhanced CSS Designer

Generate clean, web-standard code with intuitive visual editing tools. Quickly apply CSS properties like gradients and box shadows. Usability enhancements and a new colour picker improve productivity by speeding up visual CSS editing workflows.
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Improved Sync Settings

Log in to Creative Cloud from any computer and sync your Preferences, Site Settings, Custom Workspaces and Keyboard Shortcuts. Customise your workflow once and take it with you wherever you go — all through Creative Cloud.
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Modern platform support

Author projects using HTML (HTML5 forms, Enhanced JQuery support), CSS and JavaScript.
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Improved Code View

Code more efficiently with an improved Code View, which incorporates highlighting for line numbers and matching tags. New CSS selector code hinting includes preference support for colour customisation.
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And so much more

Also includes: Code hinting for CSS selectors; PHP 5.4 support; updates to Adobe Extension Manager; Adobe Exchange enhancements; and more.
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Dreamweaver CC (13)

CSS Designer

This intuitive visual editing tool helps you to generate clean, web-standard code and quickly apply CSS properties such as gradients and box shadows.
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Enhanced Fluid Grid Layout

Construct web designs and responsive layouts visually. The updated Fluid Grid Layout interface makes it a cinch to design projects that display on different screen sizes for desktop and devices.
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Sync Settings

Log in to Creative Cloud from any computer to access your files, preferences and settings. You have everything you need to work on your web projects, whenever and wherever.
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Adobe Edge Web Fonts

Use the vast and ever-growing Edge Web Fonts Library, powered by Adobe Typekit.
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Modern platform support

Author projects using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Develop dynamic pages with more confidence using the newly supported PHP 5.4.

Simplified user experience

The modernised Dreamweaver CC interface is more intuitive with smoother workflows. Enjoy a lighter and faster application due to removal of outdated features.
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jQuery UI widgets

Full visual support for jQuery UI widgets enhances your development workflow.
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Streamlined HTML5 audio and video

Enhance your desktop and mobile projects with entertaining sounds and films. Easily add HTML5 audio and video to your websites and applications. The clean interface and code hints make inserting rich media faster and more efficient.
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Faster HTML5 element insertion

Use the reorganised Insert panel to quickly add HTML5 tags and common page elements. The panel is arranged into helpful categories to make options more discoverable. It’s a snap to find and add items within the convenient, centralised interface.

And so much more

Get more details on all these new features.
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