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Creative teams need to quickly deliver personalized, engaging visual content at scale. Adobe Stock for enterprise has millions of carefully curated, royalty-free assets to enhance brand storytelling, right inside Creative Cloud apps. Get unlimited access to Adobe Stock with a Creative Cloud Pro Edition plan.

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Cushman & Wakefield

“Adobe Stock’s powerful search and the ability to categorize content and build Creative Cloud Libraries around it have been a real unlock. This has enabled us to introduce one streamlined workflow for all of our projects, which saves an incredible amount of time.”

Bridget Esposito, VP and Creative Director, Prudential Financial

Unique and diverse content.

Access a diverse marketplace of carefully curated, royalty-free images, videos, templates, illustrations, audio files and 3D assets — contributed by a global community of popular and emerging artists.

Get unlimited access to Adobe Stock standard assets through Creative Cloud Pro Edition. Learn more.

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Unique and diverse content.

Adobe Stock: JenkoAtaman

Faster, smarter search.

Get better, faster search results powered by Adobe Sensei, our artificial intelligence engine. We’ve applied machine learning to years of human click data and user feedback to deliver the most relevant results in the least time. Filter by aesthetics, color, copy space, shot size, shot angle, and more to quickly pinpoint the perfect asset. 

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Adobe Stock: Nabi Tang/Stocksy and Westend61

Built in, right where you need it.

Adobe Stock is natively integrated and easy to get to in all your favorite Create Cloud apps — like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Premiere Pro. And research has shown that making Adobe Stock part of a design team’s workflow can improve efficiency by up to 10 times.

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Built in, right where you need it.

Perfect your projects. And your productivity.


Greater efficiency over other stock services


Higher video workflow productivity


Higher overall workflow productivity

Pfeiffer Report, Adobe Stock for Enterprise: Boosting Design Efficiency Through Integration.

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Bring stories to life with Adobe Stock video.

Skip the expense, time, and hassle of your own shoot. With over 22 million royalty-free HD and 4K video clips expressing diverse points of view, styles and personalities, you’re sure to find a shot that matches your ideas and helps you get to final faster.

Ogilvy Logo

“Adobe Stock is a great resource. We can find high-quality video clips, and it also provides us with non-watermarked hi-res comp images that make the proofing phases so much easier. So, when an original shoot is out of the question, the good news is, we can resource stock assets quickly and extremely efficiently — with less investment.”

Andy Campbell, Creative Director, Ogilvy EX

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