Content and data: together at last.

The Adobe Cloud Platform lets you centralize and standardize customer data and content from any system to improve the design and delivery of customer experiences. The platform makes its data, content, and insights available through APIs to partners and third-party developers. Our platform is used by more than 4,000 developers, technology partners, and system integrators around the world. And, built right into the Adobe Cloud Platform, is the Adobe I/O developer portal, which fuels over 500 million API calls per day.

Announcing Adobe Cloud Platform Launch.

Launch from Adobe is our next generation tag management solution built on the Adobe Cloud Platform. With Launch from Adobe, third-party developers can build, maintain, and continuously update their own integrations with Adobe Experience Cloud. Using it’s app-store-like interface, brands can easily deploy web apps from Adobe and third-party developers, define what customer behaviors to capture, and determine how that data should be used across their digital marketing tools. Partners like Facebook, Dun & Bradstreet, Twitter, Zendesk, and [24]7 are already managing their own integrations using Launch from Adobe.

Decibel Insight
dun & bradstreet


Find integrations and extensions with Adobe Exchange.

Adobe Experience Cloud now includes integrations from partners like Acxiom, AppDynamics, Clicktale, Decibel Insight, Dun & Bradstreet, Facebook, MasterCard, Microsoft, ObservePoint, all available in the Adobe Exchange. The AppDynamics integration, for example, helps marketers to see when and why a customer is having a poor experience and automatically trigger marketing events like a personalized offer. And MasterCard’s integration combines behavioral data with analytics data to help marketers build smarter profiles to reach more likely buyers. And our integration with Microsoft includes joint solutions that integrate Adobe Experience Cloud with Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Microsoft Power BI.  Find these integrations and hundreds of others in the Adobe Exchange.

With Adobe I/O, developers make work flow.

We’ve launched new enhancements to Adobe I/O, our cross-cloud developer portal. With new I/O Events and Creative Cloud APIs, developers can build custom applications. The ability to program workflows across clouds enables developers to create custom solutions, like ensuring a brand’s latest logo is automatically deployed across all marketing activities.


Meet Adobe Sensei for enterprise.

Adobe Sensei, the intelligence layer in the Adobe Cloud Platform, provides customers with a unified AI and machine learning framework as well as intelligent services to help them work smarter and faster. Sensei can help you connect your digital and physical customer experiences, auto-target a user with a personalized experience across any screen, or automatically identify an anomaly in your customer’s experience.

We have services at our core.

Core Services, including People, Places, Assets, Activation, and Mobile, are shared, centralized services built into the Adobe Cloud Platform. They share a common user interface, and are designed to streamline integrations between Adobe Cloud Platform and solutions.