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Learn how to make the most out of your analytics platform and get the actionable insights you need to deliver the best customer experiences.


The importance of analytics for digital marketing success is undeniable. Companies that put data at the centre of their business gain better insights and deliver more effective marketing. However, most businesses aren’t using analytics technology to its full potential. Instead, many organisations rely on closed data platforms (also called walled gardens) which allow your customer data and insights to be shared with anyone else on their platform — including your competitors.

A focus on data alone in the context of customer analytics is not enough, however. Companies require insights from their data to deliver first-class personalised customer experiences (CX) that give them a competitive advantage.

To aspire to integrated digital analytics solutions that help you deliver timely and personalised experiences, your company must create a culture of strong analytics performance and data democratisation by first addressing a range of organisational, cultural, and strategic changes. The first key change is investment — in process, people, and most importantly in the right tools. Organisations identified as customer analytics leaders are significantly more likely to be paying for analytics technology, either exclusively or in conjunction with free software — proof that paying for good tech pays off.

Five Reasons Free Isn’t Always the Best Option, based on research by London Research, shows how companies using paid analytics tools are better equipped for customer intelligence than their peers who use only free software.

Great CX is built on a solid base of actionable insights, something a lot of free analytics platforms do not provide. 

Advanced insight requires the right data. And automation.

Delivering outstanding customer experiences goes far beyond simply collecting data and producing reports. Great CX is built on a solid base of actionable insights, something a lot of free analytics platforms do not provide. While free analytics software can be a good jumping-off point for digital marketers, its limited functionality prevents it from delivering to the needs of organisations.

In contrast, paid solutions offer a range of features that ensure companies get customer insights they can work with. Better at extracting more actionable customer insights, paid analytics solutions excel at helping automate analytics-related tasks, joining up data from internal and external sources, as well as surfacing return on marketing investment drivers. According to our Data trends that redefine brands report, companies using paid analytics exclusively are significantly more likely than those using only free software to have democratised data within their organisations, centralised customer data, and have a complete view of all customer interactions with their brand.

The leading paid analytics solutions even facilitate personalised customer experiences for companies. As described in Adobe Analytics vs. Google Analytics 360: An Enterprise Solution Comparison, by integrating with other marketing and advertising technology platforms, the best analytics solutions can automate marketing actions. With integrated paid analytics software, companies can easily deliver meaningful customer experiences using automated messaging and communication on tools like email, marketing automation, personalisation, e-commerce, and content management systems. And those using just free analytics software simply don’t have that capability.

Paid analytics delivers when companies are able to harness data and insights about their customers’ needs and behaviour in real time — and act on them. 

Build a strong CX foundation to maximise success.

The vast majority of leading companies agree that digital analytics provide a strong foundation for their CX initiatives. So the more sophisticated a company is in their approach to CX, the greater their appreciation of effective customer intelligence and analytics. 

Today’s market is a challenging space for companies to navigate. Consumers expect the very best experiences every time. And when a brand doesn’t deliver, they will move on instantly. Paid analytics delivers when companies harness data and insights about their customers’ needs and behaviour in real time — and act on them.

It’s not just messaging and communication where paid analytics solutions are valuable. Analytics can be used in paid media to increase the return on advertising spend, whether it’s paid search, social media, or display channels. Leading paid analytics software, like Adobe Analytics, include integrations with paid media tools, enabling companies to use customer intelligence to get maximum value from their investment.

An enterprise solution matchup for the ages.

Your analytics solution should be built for insights - and action. Find out how Adobe Analytics delivers the knockout experience with details on AI, ad hoc reporting, and journey analytics in Adobe Analytics vs. Google Analytics 360.

See the full picture of your customer data.

Providing an outstanding experience to your customers depends on knowing and understanding them comprehensively. In order to do this, marketers are increasingly relying on second- and third-party data to enrich their proprietary data. Capabilities are everything — where free analytics tools rely on first-party data, paid solutions offer the opportunity to integrate second- and third-party data. For example, our customers are now using Adobe Analytics in conjunction with Adobe Audience Manager, our data management platform, to bring together proprietary and externally sourced data in a single solution.

Delivering an exceptional customer experience is very much dependent on advanced customer intelligence. And today’s leaders are looking beyond the limited capabilities of free software and investing in paid solutions to take their digital marketing efforts to the next level.

Learn how to get the most out of your analytics solution with the actionable insights you need to deliver the best customer experiences. Read Data trends redefine leading brands.

Adobe can help.

To deliver standout experience, you need clear, fast, and actionable insights. This means moving beyond simple data collection to true customer intelligence. Adobe’s industry-leading analytics solution is here to help.