Note: As of November 2014, Adobe has discontinued development of Edge Code to focus efforts on contributing to the Brackets project. We encourage you to transition to Brackets for continued updates to this technology.

Edge Code CC. Code HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Edge Code is a lightweight text editor for web developers and designers who work with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Built on the foundation of the open source Brackets project and designed to work in the browser, it speeds up development time by displaying code changes directly on the screen.
Adobe Edge Code CC


  • In-context code editing
  • Code hinting for CSS, HTML and JavaScript
  • Integrated visual tools for color editing
  • Expanded editing with Edge Inspect, Edge Web Fonts and Adobe PhoneGap Build
  • Over 50 community extensions
  • HTML live development, including Live Preview
  • New Rule selector in CSS Quick Edit
  • Image preview within the editor
  • Visual editor for Bezier timing functions
  • Multiple cursor support — allows for edits in more than one place at a time
  • CSS Shapes Editor extension for Edge Code and Brackets
  • Improved file search and replace

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