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Source Sans Pro was designed by Paul D. Hunt under the guidance of Robert Slimbach. It was Adobe's first open source typeface family, conceived primarily as a typeface for user interfaces. Source Sans Pro draws inspiration from the clarity and legibility of twentieth-century American gothic typeface designs. Distilling the best archetypical qualities of these models, Paul followed a rational design approach by simplifying glyph shapes by paring them to their essential form. However, in order to more easily differentiate similar letter shapes (such as uppercase I and lowercase L), some additional details have been added. Besides providing such explicitly clarity in short text strings, another fundamental design consideration was to create a typeface that reads well in extended settings. This can be seen in the general proportions: Source Sans Pro has been designed with a more generous width than many other comparable gothics, and its shorter majuscule letters, combined with minuscule letters with longer extenders, create a more pleasant reading texture in longer text passages.
Source Sans Pro currently supports a wide range of languages using Latin script. Additionally, this family's non-italic fonts support modern and polytonic Greek, and also feature coverage for extended Cyrillic. Other members of the greater Source type system include Source Code Pro, a monospaced version of Source Sans designed specifically for coding, and Source Serif Pro. As an open source project, it is expected that incremental updates will be made over time to extend glyph set coverage and functionality. If you are interested in contributing to this open source project, please visit this project page on GitHub for information on how to become involved. Source Sans Pro can be adapted and redistributed according to the terms of the Open Font License (OFL) agreement.

Menu Names And Style Linking


In many Windows® applications, instead of every font appearing on the menu, fonts are grouped into style-linked sets, and only the name of the base style font for a set is shown in the menu. The italic and the bold weight fonts of the set (if any) are not shown in the font menu, but can still be accessed by selecting the base style font, and then using the italic and bold style buttons. In this family, such programs will show only the following base style font names in the menu:
Source Sans Pro
Source Sans Pro Black
Source Sans Pro ExtraLight
Source Sans Pro Light
Source Sans Pro Semibold
On the Mac OS operating system, although each font appears as a separate entry on the font menu, users may also select fonts by means of style links. Selecting a base style font and then using the style links (as described above for Windows applications) enhances cross-platform document compatibility with many applications, such as Microsoft Word, although it is unnecessary with more sophisticated Adobe applications such as recent versions of Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign software.
One should not, however, select a base font which has no style-linked variant, and then use the bold or italic styling button. Doing so will either have no effect, or result in programmatic bolding or slanting of the base font, which will usually produce inferior screen and print results.

Release Notes


For all Roman fonts of family Source Sans Pro: version 2.010 created on Fri Jun 27 11:31:39 2014.
For all Italic fonts of family Source Sans Pro: version 1.065 created on Wed Jun 25 13:50:02 2014.
version 2.010 created 2014/06/27
    ● [This release is Roman fonts only]
    ● Fixed inconsistencies in several derived glyphs.
version 2.005 created 2014/06/25
    ● [This release is Roman fonts only]
    ● Fixed issue affecting composite glyphs with accents below in TrueType fonts
version 1.065 created 2014/06/25
    ● [This release is Italic fonts only]
    ● Fixed TT hinting issues in Ohorn and eight.
    ● Adjusted the position of some accents over a.alt.
    ● Fixed issue affecting composite glyphs with accents below in TrueType fonts.
version 2.000 created 2014/06/17
    ● [This release is Roman fonts only]
    ● Geometric shapes were made larger. (GitHub issue #39)
    ● Adds narrow no-break space [U+202F] (GitHub issue #30)
    ● Updates kerning of small caps and adds small cap punctuation (GitHub issues #15 & #27)
    ● Adds Cyrillic and Greek support (GitHub issues #6 & #38)
    ● Updates size and shape of diacritics (GitHub issue #21)
    ● Adjusts superscript height to coordinate baseline of letters and numbers (GitHub issue #18)
version 1.060 created 2014/06/17
    ● [Italic fonts only] Updates size and shape of diacritics.
version 1.050 created 2013/04/16
    ● [TrueType] Coordinated the vertical alignment of the tops of the letters across all the styles at the various sizes. (GitHub issue #25)
version 1.040 created 2013/04/08
    ● Adds Zero_Width_Non_Breaking_Space character (ZWNBS, U+FEFF) to address GitHub issue #20.
version 1.039 created 2012/10/19
    ● Rebuilt fonts with new MakeOTF version.
version 1.038 created 2012/10/15
    ● Updates TTF fonts with better hinting for asciitilde and approxequal, which references this hinting.
version 1.037 created 2012/10/11
    ● Updates the metrics of Majuscule letters in lighter weights.
    ● Updates fonts to add small capitals and superior capital letters to upright styles.
    ● Adds the following characters for transliteration: Blinebelow blinebelow
    ● Klinebelow klinebelow Emacronacute emacronacute Omacronacute omacronacute primemod
    ● Adds the following punctuation characters: bardbl iterrobang ceilingleft ceilingright
    ● floorleft floorright bracketleftwhite bracketrightwhite brackhalftopleft
    ● brackhalftopright brackhalfbotleft brackhalfbotright
    ● Adds dotted zero and slashed zero.
version 1.036 created 2012/09/12
    ● Updates fonts to fix bug in TTF versions in which the GDEF table was not included.
version 1.035 created 2012/09/10
    ● Updates the fitting for 'u' and its related glyphs. Updates the kerning in the upright fonts.
version 1.034 created 2012/08/15
    ● Improved sidebearings of some glyphs, improved kerning classes, improved some kern pairs.
    ● Fixed metrics issues with upright letter D and composites.
    ● Added glyphs and OT feature support for Jarai language.
    ● Added 'ordfeminine' glyph to 'ss02' feature.
    ● Changed glyph name 'schwa.supss' to 'uni0259.sups'.
    ● Changed weightClass value of the ExtraLight fonts from 250 to 200.
    ● Changed OS/2.usWinAscent and OS/2.usWinDescent values to be the same across all fonts.
    ● Changed hhea.Ascender and hhea.Descender values as a result of the OS/2usWin changes.
    ● Changed OS/2 table version number from 4 to 3.
    ● Harmonized the copyright strings.


version 1.033 created 2012/07/31
    ● First release.

Known Issues


Some glyphs in the font cannot be accessed unless you are using an OpenType compatible application.

Customer Support


If you require technical assistance, please email us at Font specific resources can also be found on the Adobe Type user-to-user forums.