Mobile app analytics

Know why they come to your apps.

Know why they stay. And know how to keep them.

Like no other solution on the market, Adobe's mobile app analytics enable unprecedented levels of comprehensive insight into your customers' multi-channel journey along with automated, analytics-driven marketing actions to maximize app engagement and ultimately, mobile-centric customer retention and monetization.
Apply intelligence to your mobile app analytics
Apply intelligence to your mobile app analytics.
Our unique advancements in data science offer powerful mobile analytics and multichannel views of your customers.
Drive mobile app engagement
Drive mobile app engagement.
Analyzing deep insights of app user acquisition and loyalty gives you the kind of direction you need to increase engagement.
Experience unparalleled data integration
Experience unparalleled data integration.
Unmatched data integrations inside and outside Adobe Experience Cloud help you strategically position your apps within your broader multichannel experience.

Customer intelligence:

The first step to monetize the "mobile first"opportunity.
Dive deep into the business opportunities your apps present. Get detailed insights into how your customers use your apps, when do they leave and why. Granular insights into your mobile app users today is a key requisite towards a 360-degree view of your customer in a multichannel world.

Powerful data science.

Mobile workspace
NEW — Mobile workspace
Analyze your data from different dimensions by using a drag-and-drop ability to view any data variables across relevant reports.
Smart calculated metrics
Smart calculated metrics
Build, manage, and curate smart metrics automatically to give you quick business insights.

Cross-channel view.

Mobile workspace
Advanced Segmentation
Compare segments side by side to identify new audience opportunities, gather insights, and track behavior changes.
Mobile workspace
Customer Attributes
Classify metrics and dimensions to store and track customer journeys throughout the mobile and web experience.

Business insights.

Mobile Starter Projects
NEW — Mobile Starter Projects
Get out-of-the-box answers to common business questions.
Flow exploration
NEW — Flow exploration
Gain insights into app usage so you can make adjustments to improve customer experience, conversion, and retention.
Advanced fallout
NEW — Fallout analysis
Analyze where customers are falling out and know where they’re going instead.
Custom histograms
NEW — Custom histograms
Identify high-value users and understand the distribution of users across any custom event.
Intelligent Alerts
Intelligent alerts
Build and manage rules-based alerts and send them by email or SMS.
Lifecycle metrics
Lifecycle metrics
Understand users, sessions, launches over time, versions, operating systems, and other popular usage KPIs.
Cohort analysis
Cohort analysis
Segment user groups and understand retention rates over time.
Anomaly detection
Anomaly detection
Discover and understand unexpected events by analyzing data that may be statistical outliers.
Contribution analysis
Contribution analysis
Discover hidden patterns to explain statistical anomalies and identify correlations behind unexpected customer actions.

Mobile app engagement:

Don't just make your apps useful. Make them essential.
Thoughtful mobile app engagement actions are automatically triggered by data-driven insights to help you drive app engagement and eventually, mobile-centric customer retention and monetization.

Acquisition tracking.

Campaign acquisition tracking
Campaign acquisition tracking
Create, measure, and optimize effective acquisition channels like revenue, launches, and users to find and retain high-value customers.
Deep linking & post backs
Deep linking and postbacks
Measure and report on acquisition and reengagement campaigns using attribution and deep linking.

Marketing automation.

Intelligent location monitoring
Intelligent location monitoring
Segment and track app users based on points of interest and apply geofencing to effectively determine real-time user engagement.
Push notifications
Push notifications
Drive reengagement with your app users to improve user retention and loyalty.
In-app messaging
In-app messaging
Boost real-time user value in the moment, and drive cross-sell and upsell successes with actively engaged high-value customers.

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