Features of predictive marketing.


Know how customers will react before they do.

Discover the customer behavior patterns that lead to conversion — even before you spend. With Adobe Analytics, marketers can easily analyze volumes of data, uncover the most impactful insights, and predict which campaigns will yield the best results.





Anomaly detection

Build any number of filtered metrics, use them to surface significant spikes or dips, and then analyze the impact of the anomalies.

Correlation analysis

Identify trends and relationships in large datasets using standard correlation equations, so you can analyze data faster and highlight changes over time.
Audience clustering
Analyze large numbers of variables simultaneously to dynamically categorize visitors and create audiences for further analysis, targeting, and personalization.

Customer propensity modeling

Define customers with a high possibility for a successful conversion or completion of a specific event, so you can predict visitor behavior and maximize campaign impact.

Audience activation

Easily share newly discovered audiences across Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions and third-party downstream systems to take action.

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