Say the word. We’ll provide the voice analytics.

Voice-enabled devices make life easier for consumers. But for marketers, it’s been a challenge — until now. Through Adobe Analytics, brands can capture and analyze voice data for all major platforms including Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, and Samsung Bixby. Brands can now deliver more personalized customer experiences through voice-based interfaces.

Adobe Analytics

When they speak, you should listen.

Voice is the most natural form of communication. Adobe Analytics delivers the most comprehensive support for voice-based insights.

User intent

Capture both user intent, like “play me a song,” and parameters, like “from the Beatles,” to better understand customers.

Data points

Collect additional data points including frequency of use and actions taken after a voice request is made. 

Integrated insights

Integrate voice analytics data with Adobe Experience Cloud, so every customer touchpoint is measured and acted upon. 

Their digital assistant is your digital opportunity.

Learn how to best use Adobe Analytics to measure and optimize voice-enabled experiences.

Let data insights drive your experiences.