Maintain control in a world that’s out of control.


Manage hundreds of pages and people.

Adobe Social gives you powerful and flexible ways to assign roles and permissions, so you can choose exactly how your social, marketing, and community teams interact with fans and followers. Specify who can publish content and more. Meanwhile, CMOs and general managers can get a more holistic view of metrics and how social activities are performing.

Features of management and governance.

Social profile ownership

Between different regions, product lines, and so on, your organization has dozens, if not hundreds, of social accounts. Assign a page or groups of pages to a specific person or team to make sure all profiles are managed and moderated properly.

Roles and permissions

Categorize stakeholders and assign social media management responsibilities based on job function, location, product line, or department. Make sure only the right people have access to help ensure compliance across your organization.

Multilevel approval workflow

Establish the proper oversight by determining which pages or content require approval. Create corresponding multilevel workflows to make sure no posts are published without the appropriate permission.

Mobile accessibility

Social is mobile. Make and monitor posts wherever you are through the mobile-compatible interface.

Data archival and export

Keep a record and manage all your social content according to various compliance requirements.


Establish content collaboration workflows that ensure compliance with brand guidelines and industry regulations. Annotate, comment on, and share social reports and insights with other Adobe Marketing Cloud users.

“Adobe Social enables specialized team members to work independently and focus on their area of expertise and then contribute their work without the technology getting in the way.”
— Thomas Helfrich, head of social media, Bayer

Use social data to drive marketing success.


Let data drive your experiences.

No matter the industry, data enhances your ability to engage customers.
See how various industries benefit from data-driven marketing.
Master content across channels.
Get a 360-degree view of customers.
Orchestrate campaigns across channels.