Conquer the digital landscape.

This year it’s all about understanding how to deliver on customer experience effectively. With new approaches, challenges, and routes to achieve efficiency and success, navigating the digital landscape is as complex as ever. Discover how to plan your digital journey this year with the 2019 Digital Trends Report.

The 2019 Digital Trends are here.

And delivering personalised experiences is at the top of the agenda.

The 2019 Digital Trends report, produced by Adobe in association with Econsultancy for the ninth year running, is based on a global survey of almost 13,000 marketing, advertising, ecommerce, creative and IT professionals.

Here are some highlights from what 13,000 of your peers said:

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Put CX and digital first.
Success will follow.

The importance of improving Customer Experience (CX)t, and of making digital transformation a priority, has been talked about for years. And now the proof is in the numbers. CX leaders are almost three times more likely than their peers—and digital-first companies are 64% more likely than their peers—to have exceeded their top 2018 business goal.

The majority has spoken.
Smarter data is vital.

55% of marketers are prioritising more effective audience segmentation and targeting.
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“From a martech perspective, we have invested an increasing amount in building the right stack over the last couple of years. We’re using our dollars effectively and putting money towards the evolving media platforms that drive the most return, and leveraging data to make smart decisions.”

Lynne Biggar, Visa CMO 


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Key steps to accelerate your digital transformation:

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Deliver an integrated experience.

CX leaders deliver first-class personalisation with highly integrated tech.


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Get personal with data.

The big players are gearing up for data-driven marketing that focuses on the individual.



Differentiate with creative excellence.

Standout content and campaigns are the way to do it.


Your 2019 digital journey starts here.

Discover all the insights from the 2019 Digital Trends report and learn how to master the digital landscape to make this a year of success.

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