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Learn how to bring your audience on a journey with photographer Vanessa Martin.

How to take travel photographs​

From shooting in real time to editing in post-production, see how to set up your camera settings, learn the best approach to shoot your environment, and discover how to enhance your travel photos as professional photographer Melissa Findley demonstrates her editing process in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

Free travel presets.

Create your own vibrant images with Vanessa Martin’s Lightroom presets.


Vibrant warmth and light inspired by the orangey tones of sand - great for landscapes.

Dappled sunshine

A high saturation, bright sunlight look, ideal for floral and water scenes.

Into the jungle

High contrast, dramatic saturation and rich colour add depth.

Urban light

Lift the shadows of architecture and building scenes with milky blacks and warm browns.

What are you photographing today?

Deep dive into tips, tricks and quick tutorials from the pros in a range of styles.






Not sure which photography plan is best for you? Take a minute. We’ll help you to figure it out.

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