Adobe Analytics Select

Analytics Select

Big-time analytics with big-time insights.

All of the data in the world doesn’t help if you don’t know what it means and if you don’t get it while it’s relevant. Adobe Analytics Select helps you to gather and analyse relevant and real-time data so you can make the best decisions possible.
Find valuable segments
Find valuable segments
Use drag-and-drop segment building and customisable reporting to identify your high-value customers.
Optimise cmapigns
Optimise campaigns
Improve the performance of your business strategies with accurate optimisation decisions.
Base decisions on facts
Base decisions on facts
Help your marketing and other functional teams make better decisions with data insights. 

Access advanced segmentation.

Use Analysis Workspace to explore data and relationships with customer engagement as you drag-and-drop any number of data tables, visualisations and components into a project. Get results as quickly as you can think of questions to ask.
Experience data your way with Analysis Workspace.

See what's happening with Activity Map.

See what's happening with Activity Map.

The Activity Map capability uses visual overlays of real-time analytics to help you to see and understand how your customers flow and interact across your web pages. You can visualise clicks, segments, pathing, content engagement and any other metric from any report in Analytics.

More capabilities of Select.

Data Warehouse
Data Warehouse
Direct all of your data to one secure location that lets you request reports that show advanced relationships and opportunities based on long-tail analytics.
Data Enrichment
Data Enrichment
Using Adobe Exchange, plug industry-leading technologies into Adobe Analytics to connect pre-click campaign activity with post-click site engagement.
Fallout & Flow Visualisations
Fallout & Flow Visualisations
See customer movement at any point in the customer journey. Create new segments based on selected paths and compare fallout across segments. 


•  Mobile App Analytics
•  Calculated Metrics
•  Basic Alerts
•  Rules-Based Attribution
•  Basic Anomaly Detection
•  Customer Attributes
•  Analytics Report Builder
•  People Metric
•  Data Connectors & Feeds
•  Activity Map
•  275 Customised Dimensions
•  1,000 Events
•  Metadata Classifications
•  Tag Management

Further your analytics maturity with these add-ons.

  • Video

    An advanced analytics platform for standardised video and ad engagement measurement.
  • Predictive Workbench

    Advanced insights powered by statistical modelling and machine learning.
  • Live Stream

    Take action on what's happening at the moment with the real-time events fire hose.
  • Data workbench

    An advanced analytics platform for customer analytics and predictive modelling.
  • Mobile Marketing

    A mobile app campaign tool for messaging, user acquisition and location-based marketing.
  • Attribution

    Understand what marketing touches are the most meaningful and how to most effectively optimise the customer journey.

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