Software asset management

Maximize return on your investment in Adobe products

Efficiency. Productivity. Security. Technology offers incredible advantages that support and improve your business, but brings with it certain risks. As the role of technology in your business becomes more important, so too does the importance of identifying and implementing strategies that maximize the return on software investments, and ensure the safety of your data, your IT infrastructure, and ultimately your business.


Adobe partners with leading software asset management (SAM) vendors to deliver unique initiatives and solutions that help you get the most out of your Adobe products, and keep your company safe.

Increase efficiency, productivity and security by working with an Adobe SAM vendor to:

  • Identify how efficiently your current software is being utilized
  • Establish how to optimize your software investment
  • Isolate areas of potential risk within your software deployment
  • Implement a SAM strategy that fits your unique business needs
  • Create SAM guidelines for your company???s future growth

What is SAM?

Software asset management made simple

Software asset management (SAM) is the practice of creating and maintaining a record of all licenses, terms and conditions, systems inventories, and utilization of software by your business. A SAM strategy identifies your needs, issues, and blind spots, enhancing the efficiency of your software use, and reducing risk of improperly licensed, installed or maintained software.

But it doesn???t just end with tracking inventory. An effective, proactive SAM strategy is about process. Implementing SAM in your company means creating a system to manage the entire software life cycle, from acquisition and use to retirement. This process, unique to your particular business needs, streamlines technology investment, and has a direct effect on your bottom line.

As part of a commitment to make your software as safe, reliable, and beneficial to your business as possible, Adobe offers SAM solutions, through partnership with SAM experts who provide knowledge, vision, and the personal attention and high level of support you expect from Adobe.

Benefits of SAM

Investing in strategies that benefit your business.

Knowledge is power.

In addition to protecting your business in the event of unexpected compliance audits, Software asset management has immediate value as an assessment, and long term value as a SAM strategy. Adobe SAM helps your business:

Know what software you have.

Adobe SAM helps you build a software asset inventory that lets you more effectively leverage your existing software and licenses.

Know how your software is being used.

Adobe SAM ensures that the software installed on your system is being used in compliance with its license agreements.

Determine the actual value of your license agreements.

Adobe SAM assesses the license agreements you currently have, and determines whether they are the most effective and efficient use of your IT budget.

Refine your software acquisition process.

Adobe SAM helps you establish a visible and accountable paper trail for your software acquisition. This streamlines the acquisition process, and speeds up future audits.

Negotiate appropriate licensing agreements.

Adobe SAM empowers your company to negotiate the most appropriate licensing agreements, through a clear understanding of how the software is actually deployed and used.

Locate and eliminate risk.

Adobe SAM helps you avoid the risk inherent in incomplete software inventory, or misused software running on your system.

Increase software ROI.

Of the many benefits of Adobe SAM, perhaps one of most crucial to your business is ROI. Proper software use and licensing creates more efficiency and productivity in your business processes.