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Delivering better experiences means getting personal.

That’s where we can help.
Gone are the days of one-size- fits-all web experiences. We built our pages to deliver the personalised experiences that customers have grown to expect as they go about their daily online activities. We can help you to deliver these customised experiences, too. And we can show you how to do it across all your channels—keeping visitors more engaged every time they connect.


Data. What it’s good for.

Adobe Analytics


The key ingredient to personalising experiences is data. There are probably mountains of it available at your fingertips. On its own, data can’t help much. To tap into its full potential—to anticipate your customer wants and adjust your digital marketing accordingly—you’ll have to process and analyse it. That’s where marketing analytics comes in.


Adobe Analytics

Adobe can help. With Adobe Analytics, you’ll access and understand data from all your marketing channels on the web, social, mobile and more. You’ll get real-time insights and a complete view of your customer, their likes, their preferences, even their willingness to make a purchase.  With Analytics, you may know what customers want before they do, which brings you closer to giving them the timely content they’re looking for.



To be relevant, first you need to relate.

Adobe Audience Manager


No doubt your customers have a wide range of interests, habits and motivations. And the places where they interact with your brand are equally widespread. The way to understand them is by bringing together all these data sources, no matter how varied they are. A combined view opens the door to identifying similarities among your visitors which lets you create personalised experiences to appeal to each of them.


Adobe Audience Manager
Adobe can help. Adobe Audience Manager brings together first-, second- and third-party data, both online and off-line, to create unified audience segments. You can build profiles with shared interests and find higher-values audiences—and then deliver targeted content straight to these customers that’s consistent on any device.



Now’s the time to divide and personalise.

Adobe Target


You’ve analysed the data and broken down your audience into smaller, like-minded groups. You’re ready to deliver a personalised experience. Whether it’s curated content, a tailored offer, unique interaction or a combination in between, you’re set to be more relevant. But if things don’t go as planned or you’re uncertain of the best direction, the way to see what’s working and what’s not is testing.



Adobe Target


Adobe can help. With Adobe Target, you can easily personalise site content based on audience segments and conduct tests on your website, emails and banners and apps to find a winning direction. Target allows you to quickly and simultaneously test as many personalisation experiences as you like. The more you test, the more you’ll learn. Which all leads to more customer engagement and conversion.



Extend Beyond the Website.

Adobe Campaign


It can be a challenge delivering personalised, meaningful content to customers who leave your website or don’t respond well to digital marketing. To keep them interested, you’ll need to find ways to reach them while still staying relevant and consistent across every touchpoint.


Adobe Campaign
Adobe can help.  Adobe Campaign gives you a deep understanding of what your customers respond to, what they purchased, their social interactions and more. You can you use these details to design and deliver a campaign that goes across online and off-line interactions. You can even customise your campaign to automatically make adjustments based on how your customer reacts—taking personalisation even further and making it more effective..

 Why Adobe?
Why Adobe.
Adobe Experience Cloud is the most comprehensive marketing solution available. By deeply integrating analytics, content management, optimisation and personalisation into one centralised platform, it can help you to deliver consistent, personalised experiences like no one else.
To find out more about easily creating personalised web experiences, have a look at Experience Design Optimisation : Where Personalisation Goes to Grow Up.

Let data drive your experiences.

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