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Celebrate new beginnings with colourful Diwali posters made using Adobe Express. Quickly and easily make posters for the festival of lights, no experience required.

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Whether you are a complete novice or somebody who makes posters all the time, you can rely on inspiration and guidance from Adobe Express to make awesome Diwali posters that shine a light on beauty and victory over dark forces.

Embrace the new year in a new light.

A festival poster is the perfect way to promote and celebrate good wishes during Diwali. Whatever ideas you have for your festival of lights poster, Adobe Express helps you bring your vision to life with ready-made templates and high-quality Adobe Stock images you can use to customize your very own. No experience required.

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Embrace the new year in a new light.

A festival poster is the perfect way to promote and celebrate good wishes during Diwali. Whatever ideas you have for your festival of lights design, the easy-to-use templates and high-quality photos and images from Adobe Express will help you throw light on the happiness that comes with new beginnings.

How to create a poster online.

Start early with young minds.

Help children learn about the traditions and practices around Diwali by making colourful wall posters for the classroom or home. Help young minds understand why we make elaborate Indian rangoli patterns, light diya oil lamps, and explain the reasons behind exchanging gifts. Start with a colourful poster template and search for light festival illustrations to drag and drop onto your poster. Teach children early about Goddess Lakshmi and the meaning of prosperity or make a quiz with Diwali-themed folklore. With Adobe Express, it's easy to introduce a little festive magic into the classroom.

Promote the bright lights of Diwali.

No matter how you celebrate Diwali – and we know that every region is different – you can use posters to promote neighbourhood events and activities. Using Adobe Express to make posters takes very little time because you can do as much or as little as you like; all skill levels are accommodated. Novices can start poster making by using one of our templates in a modern design. Those who prefer to have more control over their Diwali creative poster, have the option to choose the styles and elements themselves. With thousands of high-quality images, graphic elements, and colour schemes, as well as numerous celebration background images to choose from, your poster making efforts will bring real delight to the festival of lights.

Help customers celebrate the festive occasion.

Posters displayed around your shop and on the window are great ways to encourage shoppers looking for gold items, sweets, or new fashion for Diwali rituals and celebrations. To attract attention with Happy Diwali wishes, try using Text effects in Adobe Express. Start with a dark violet background and add a single Diwali diya or hanging sky lantern with fireworks, leaving plenty of space for a heartfelt message. Look through the design assets for ideas such as flowers or lights and combine a couple in your poster to make them your own. You’ll have no trouble attracting attention with a little help from Adobe Express.

Frequently asked questions.

Can I make Diwali posters for my school?
Of course, you can make Diwali posters to help the children learn about the festival of lights, and you might also think about letting the children contribute to your efforts. Diwali poster drawings and hand-drawn images can be scanned and then uploaded into Adobe Express, just the same as photos can be. Use the children’s drawings of diya, candles, flowers, or other background images so that your festival of lights poster making is a truly collaborative effort.
Can I add personal photos to my poster?
Yes, any photos that are stored on your device can be used in Adobe Express. If you plan to display your poster in a public place, first seek permission to use the image of anyone who is recognisable.
How do I add information to a Diwali festival poster?
Important information on a poster should be large enough for people to read from a distance. To add details about an activity, first position a text box on the design and type in the information. Use the side handles to change the shape of the box and drag the corner circles to make the text larger or smaller. You don't have to worry about font sizes, Adobe Express does the work for you. Just remember to check the spelling before you share your work.
Can I make posters and flyers from the same design?
Yes, Diwali festival greeting designs you create in Adobe Express can be duplicated and resized. Use your own custom size or scroll through the predefined and recommended sizes. This is a real time-saver when you need marketing material for an event.
Can I get Adobe Express for free? If so, what’s included?
Yes, Adobe Express offers a free plan that gives you access to basic photo editing tools, thousands of templates, dozens of quick action tools, and much more. Learn more about our plans and pricing.