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Add personality to WhatsApp conversations with Adobe Express stickers. Get sticker templates or make your own. Use your own photos, favourite characters, or create something unique. Adobe Express makes editing easy so you can quickly share personalised stickers without missing a beat.

How to make a WhatsApp sticker.

Create transparent WhatsApp stickers from your photos.

Use the Remove Background tool to create a transparent background and highlight the subject of your photo. Add a frame or place it on a coloured backdrop to personalise the vibe of your sticker.

Personalise your WhatsApp sticker with text and icons.

Amplify the emotion of your sticker by adding custom text or icons. Handpick the font to match the mood, and choose a colour for your graphics to complement your sticker.

Design in Hindi, Bengali and Tamil.

No more language limitations! Adobe Express is now available in three of India’s most spoken languages, making it even easier to create everything from cards and social posts to flyers and video content. Design with confidence in the language that feels most natural to you.

Frequently asked questions.

How do I create WhatsApp stickers with Adobe Express?
Start by selecting a template or creating a design from scratch. Customise with text, graphics, and colours.
Can I save my sticker designs for future updates?
Absolutely! Adobe Express automatically saves your work, allowing you to revisit and update your designs anytime.
What is the standard size of a WhatsApp sticker?
The standard size for a WhatsApp sticker is 512 pixels by 512 pixels. This is the default size available on Adobe Express for WhatsApp sticker design.
Can I resize my WhatsApp sticker designs for other platforms?
Absolutely. Use Adobe Express's auto-resize feature to duplicate and adjust your designs for different platforms quickly.
Can I get Adobe Express for free? If so, what’s included?
Yes, Adobe Express has a free plan that includes core features like photo editing tools and effects and thousands of free templates. Learn more about our plans and pricing.