Funny text messages that will make you laugh.

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Funny text messages for your friends.

Nothing can brighten up your day like a text from a friend that leaves you laughing out loud. Choose a funny template to send to a friend or personalise it with an inside joke or a funny meme you’ve both been loving.

“You’ve seen how crazy I am and you still choose to be my friend. Thanks for being the real.”

“You and I will be friends forever because at this point, you know too much.”

“We’ve been friends for so long that I can’t recall who is the bad influence on who.”

“Thanks for being my best friend and always going along with my worst ideas.”

Create your funny text messages now

Funny text messages for your family.

Create a customised funny graphic to send in your family group chat or send a personalised silly greeting on birthdays and holidays. Choose a template, then personalise with family photos or family jokes.

“Nothing is really lost... Unless even Mum can’t find it.”

“Hanging out with Grandpa is the best. He never knows what I’m saying but always smiles anyway.”

“I’m a mum, but my kids call me ‘MUM MUM MUM MUM.’”

“Sometimes I feel ugly. But then I look at my little brother and I get over it.”

“In this family, crazy never skips a generation.”

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Funny birthday text messages.

No better time to make someone smile and laugh than on their birthday. Craft a funny birthday greeting that your friends or family will want to look at over and over again. Personalise the joke or images in the message and then send it to them via any printed or digital platform.

“I hope you have a gouda birthday.”

“Happy birthday. At least you’re not as old as you will be next year.”

“Remember - you’re never too old to try something stupid.”

“Merry Christmas. I mean, happy birthday.”

Create your funny text messages now

More funny text messages.

“Roses are red; the world is a mess. And worst of all, you're ignoring my texts.”

“I don’t want to be corn-y ...but I miss you.”

“This may be cheesy, but you’re legen-dairy.”

“I carrot imagine life without you. Lettuce be friends forever.”

“You’re berry important to me.”

“Thank you for lifting me up. I love you to my core.”

“I owe it to ewe for keeping me sane this year.”

“Are you a phone? Because I’m addicted to you.”

Make them laugh with creativity on your side.

Create a one-of-a-kind funny greeting that your friends or family will love. Customise any funny template to your recipient or occasion, then share your message via text, email or social media. There are endless creative opportunities to give someone a barrel of laughs.

Create your funny text messages now