Crop MP4 videos for free.

Use our video cropping tool to adjust the size of your MP4 video in seconds. Select from preset sizes for the perfect crop.

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How to crop an MP4 video.

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1. Select.

Upload an MP4 video from your device. Videos can be up to 1 hour long.

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2. Crop.

Choose an aspect ratio or select freeform for a custom size. Use the crop handles to adjust.

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3. Continue editing.

Instantly download your newly cropped video, or keep editing.

Crop your MP4 video to change the aspect ratio.

Adjust the aspect ratio of your MP4 video to share across all your social destinations. Select from a square, landscape, or portrait size, then drag your video to fit the new format.

Trim your MP4 video.

Skip to the good part by using the video trimming tool. Slide the handlebars to set your parameters or enter the exact timestamps in the start and end time fields.

Mute the audio in your MP4 video.

Select the Mute option if you wish to remove the audio from your newly trimmed clip.

Design in Hindi, Bengali and Tamil.

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Frequently asked questions.

How do I trim an MP4 video using Adobe Express?
Adobe Express helps you trim MP4 videos by uploading the file, using the trimming handles to select the part you want, and clicking "Save" to save. You can preview edits before finalising.
Can I trim multiple sections of my MP4 video?
You can trim the beginning and end of an MP4 video in Adobe Express. Adobe Express has additional editing tools for complex multi-section editing.
Will trimming my MP4 video affect its quality?
No, trimming your MP4 video in Adobe Express will not affect its quality. The tool simply cuts the selected portions without re-encoding the entire video, preserving the original quality.
What other video editing features does Adobe Express offer?
Adobe Express offers a variety of video editing features, including resizing, cropping, adding text and captions, applying filters, and adjusting playback speed. These tools help you create professional-looking videos with.
Can I get Adobe Express for free? If so, what’s included?
Our free plan offers core features so anyone can get started making stand out graphics. Enjoy thousands of free templates, hundreds of royalty-free Adobe Stock images, photo editing, animation, and more. Explore our plans and pricing for details.