Free online video splitter.

Remove unwanted footage and split videos into parts with Adobe Express video splitter online for free.

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How to split video into parts online.

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1. Upload your video.

Upload a video from your device or choose a free Adobe Stock video. Videos can be up to 1 hour long.

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2. Split video.

Select where you want to divide your video into parts, right-click, and hit Split. Drag the corners of each scene to edit duration.

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3. Continue editing.

When you’re finished, download your newly split video as an MP4 file & share anywhere or keep editing from your browser.

Shorten videos for engaging clips with our free video splitter.

Convert lengthy videos into viral clips with the free Adobe Express video splitter online. Be it removing camera shake moments from a wedding dance or keeping only the hard-hitting moment from a product video, you can split and trim down your videos as you’d like for Reels, Stories, YouTube Shorts, and more.

Rearrange split video clips together with perfectly timed music.

Elevate your video split project with clips that feature your own voice narration, your music, or any royalty-free Adobe Stock soundtrack fit for the mood. Simply upload and drag-and-drop on your video project. Beyond music, you can also add cinematic transitions, filters, and more with Adobe Express!

Split large videos into parts online for any channel.

Craft the best viewing experience for your audience by using our online video splitter to make clips that are within the recommended duration for any social channel. Split clips into multiple parts or speed and slow down as you like. You can also Resize your videos for Instagram reels, YouTube, and more.

Design in Hindi, Bengali and Tamil.

No more language limitations! Adobe Express is now available in three of India’s most spoken languages, making it even easier to create everything from cards and social posts to flyers and video content. Design with confidence in the language that feels most natural to you.

Frequently asked questions.

Can I split a video for free?
Yes, it’s absolutely free to split videos in Adobe Express online video splitter. All you have to do is upload your own videos or choose from our wide collection of Adobe Stock videos to get started.
How do I split my video into multiple parts?
To split a video into multiple parts, select any part in your video footage, right-click, and choose Split. You can do this as many times as you’d like on your video clips.
How do I cut a video down to 30 seconds?
To cut a video’s length down to 30 seconds, select the video clip you want to cut or trim on your timeline, right-click, then select the Split option. Then, drag the corner edge of your newly split scene left to make it shorter.
Can I split a video for YouTube?
You can split and make videos for any social channel with Adobe Express free video splitter. After you’ve finished editing your video, use the Resize tool to adjust video dimensions for any platform in a snap.
Do I need video editing experience to split videos in Adobe Express?
No editing know-how is needed to split videos in Adobe Express. Just upload your footage, select which moments you want to split or trim, and drag the corners of each scene to your desired length.