An Appetite for Design:
Nissin Foods Group

Design has been at the heart of Nissin Foods Group since the company first started selling instant noodles in 1958.  As the original instant noodle producer, Nissin’s design is synonymous with cultural impact, and has had to evolve with the culinary and consumer culture for over 60 years. Nissin have remained relevant and ensured they can produce hundreds of new products each year using Creative Cloud by thinking about how they want to communicate the concept of every package to the customer.
However, to remain relevant Nissin Foods Group’s Design Room faces a unique set of challenges. The team are required to work across the senses, finding visual inspiration and meaning from how their product ‘tastes’ and applying this to how a consumer will ‘see’ and experience the product on the shelf. All while retaining the heritage of a much loved legacy brand.
For Nissin Foods Group to continue to inspire and delight customers around the world requires creative tools that can provide a range of fonts and platforms to collaborate with other designers in real time. Adobe Typekit and Creative Cloud allows Nissin Foods Group to deliver detail-orientated packaging loved the world over.
In this video, Hiroki Yamamoto and Naomi Katsuyama provide tips for approaching a project of this scale and size.  They also explore Nissin’s design philosophy as they undergo another package design, and celebrate the little details that make all the difference for one of the world’s hidden art forms.

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